Community of Teaching Practice CAS Faculty of Arts


Welcome by A/Prof. Peter Keegan, Faculty of Arts L&T Associate Dean

The intention of this Community of Practice is to develop the community. Quick introduction round with one line to describe you and your teaching practice,

Activity 1: Vision of Teaching Line

What is your essential teaching vision statement (ETVS)?

Activity 1: Vision of Teaching Line

Activity 2: Share with us your way of introduction of yourself, your subject to the class

Activity 2: Share with us your way of introduction

Activity 3: Share Your Tutorial Experiences, challenges or heart-warming stories, as Group-work

Activity 3: Share Tutorial Experiences, Group-work

Morning Tea: 11:00 – 11:15

Managing your class

Indicators for teaching excellence


your results
  • motivating and inspiring students;
  • reflecting a command of a field of study;
  • fostering independent learning;
  • respecting students as individuals;
  • participating in scholarly activities to enhance learning and teaching
  • facilitating own learning
  • facilitating learning beyond the Unit
  • igniting curiosity and passion
  • confidence and care
  • encouraging to ask questions
Class Craft – Engaging students in the classroom and elsewhere

World Cafe is an easy-to-use method for creating a living network of collaborative dialogue around questions that matter in service to real work.

The World Café
Addressing diversity - your strategies?
Effective grading and feedback



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