The Children Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship is the most personal way you can break the cycle of poverty for a child at Semillas de Amor.

Your child sponsorship donation pays for nutritious food, a safe place to live, loving care givers, a quality education health care, psychological counseling and other needs.

Your sponsorship is an investment in the kids' lives, now and in the future. Scroll through and meet the kids.


Maribel came to Semillas de Amor when she was 18 months old. She had been neglected and abused. It has taken her a very long time to recover. She struggles with academics and interpersonal skills. However she is growing and becoming more confident. It has been a long road to recovery.

Esperanza (Espe)

Esperanza came to Semillas de Amor as a newborn with her twin brother Frankie. Esperanza loves school and works so hard. School can be a challenge because of dyslexia but nothing keeps Espe down. She is an A+ for effort student. A wonderful artist. This child has never met a dog she does not love. Espe volunteers at our local dog rescue where she trains dogs and puppies and assists in the spay neuter clinics.


Carolina wanted to wear the dress she has on for this photo because she felt like a princess. Carolina is the youngest child at Semillas de Amor, by only a few months. She arrived at Semillas de Amor as a newborn. A kind and very sweet child Carolina loves to play the piano and read. Although tiny, she is mighty. She loves dogs and volunteers at the dog rescue. And she is quite the swimmer. Carolina is a delightful little girl.


Denis arrived at Semillas de Amor as a toddler. He is a very sensitive boy and easily has his feelings hurt. Smart, school comes easy for him. Denis loves sports but would just as soon have one on one time with an adult who will engage in conversation with him. Denis loves to swim and wants to design cars when he grows up.


Rosa is a tough and tumble kid. She loves to rough house and takes on all physical challenges--she is fearless. Rosa loves school and works hard. Her favorite sport is soccer. She loves dogs. And plays the piano. Rosa came to Semillas de Amor as a newborn. To read more about Rosa in her own words or sponsor her click the button below.


Victor came to Semillas de Amor as a newborn. He has a gentle soul and a positive outlook on life. His smile melts hearts. He is a fast learner and even a harder worker. Victor loves to swim, play soccer, climb trees, and most of all cuddle with his best friend "Tomi the Cat."

Francisco (Frankie)

Frankie is a delightful young man. He is very popular at school, Mr. Charisma! Frankie loves anything to do with soccer. Frankie came to Semillas de Amor when he was a day old with his twin sister Esperanza. They are very close. Frankie would like to be a pro soccer player or a meteorologist when he grows up.


Marta has lived at Semillas de Amor since she was 4 years old. Her family was unable to care for her. Marta has made amazing progress both emotionally. It is not easy to be left with strangers by your family. Marta is a super smart kid. She loves the sciences and art. Marta spends every Saturday at our local dog rescue. Marta is the big sister and she takes her role very seriously.


Fatima is an amazingly smart girl. She is focused, responsible and loves to learn! Fatima plays piano and loves to swim. And she is a reader. Wise beyond her years. Sometimes it takes other a bit longer to catch up with her.


Photos by Mary Sebastian

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