Top 5 best apps! october 2016 edition

Here are the top ten best apps that you can download as of October 2016:

1. Plastexo: This is my favourite wallpaper application as of now as it's divided into categories and the wallpapers look amazing on my homescreen. So, I'm pretty sure that it'll look great on your homescreen too; hopefully.

2. Smart Kit 360: This app has all the basic tools that you'll need to otherwise install separate applications for. It's divided into three categories and it'll be difficult for me to explain them all here. but definitely give it a try.

3. GoodLock: This is a lockscreen application. You can access contacts and applications, play music and view weather info straight away from the lockscreen. It's pretty cool, check it out.

4. NavBar Apps: It's a great application to customize your navigation bar. It can automatically change the colour of the navigation bar to suit it to the colour from a particular app; or else you can set a custom background. It also has the functionality to display the battery percentage right away on the navigation bar. Sounds pretty cool, isn't it? Give it a try!

5. Macrodroid: With this application, you can create macros which can help automate everyday tasks. For example, you can setup a macro to make it switch off your data whenever you turn off your smartphone.

So those were the 5 awesome apps of this month. I hope downloading these apps will help you make the most out of your android. If you liked this article, click on the "Appreciate" button below.

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