For the wealth and freedom To all italian immigrants.

Poor southern Italians, you may work hard in your farms, but you absolutely can't imagine how many money you can earn if you come to New York.

Textile industry in New York may became your choice! You may have no experience in industry, however, after studying how to use these machines, you will earn 10 more times than you earned by your farms!

What ever you are skilled unskilled workers, textile industry still need you!

To Great Italian sailors, your skill will be unparalleled in New York!

After the invention of steel girders, durable plate glass, and passenger elevators, architects invented the skyscraper, a building supported by its steel skeleton. Therefore, the people who can work at high attitude become really rare! That's the work for you, brave Italian sailor! All of you are familiar with the work at high attitude!

More importantly, you absolutely can't refuse the munificent reward! If you work in Italian ships, your daily wage is meager 16-30 cents, but if you work as skyscraper work, your daily wage will be $1.4!

You can read IL Progresso Italo-Americano, Which is a Italian words newspaper in America, moreover, there are huge amounts of Italians, who built up "Italian North Beach, which may let you feel same culture as what in your hometown!

Welcome to your second hometown!

You must know, alcohol may break your family, so get away from it!

And also, please get always from prostitution, the unknown virus could kill you!

Consequently, wealth and freedom are here waiting for you. If you meet any work problem, please connect with padroni or us--- Knights Of Labors.

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