Recap Of meeting last night 30/3/17

Hi everyone,

Thought we would have done a short summary of all discussed last night.

We tried to answer these questions:

1. "What?"

(What is the vision? - Habakkuk 2:2 "Make the vision clear and write it down so others may see it and run with it")

From this passage it is crucial that we ( i. Have a vision, ii. Make it clear, and iii. Get a team to help make it happen. So we thank you all for coming last night- God Bless)

2. "Why?"

( Why did we choose the vision we did?)

As discussed, God is the giver of both dreams and visions and He usually gives a dream/vision to solve a problem or fill a need for a particular time. (See Joseph for example of having a vision to fill a need)

3. "How?"

How do we intend to fulfill the vision?

( We answered that by acknowledging that long term goals are eventually met through fulfilling short term goals) Illustration used: Every building, even though the blue print shows the entire structure (vision) it still needs to be built by putting one block at a time. So the entire building is made up of many "blocks" so too, we intend to fulfill the "blue print" of the vision by putting "One block/ short term goals" One at a time.

Responses and feedback:

Q: "How do we intend to be effective outside of the four walls of churches, seeing that our target is the unsaved (good question)

A: Our goal would be national marketing, which should/ would attract both saved and unsaved. (Even if at worse, it was only churches came together, it's still a platform to promote unity in churches and the stronger we are, the stronger our impact on society)

Q: "Do we intend to advertise as a "Christian organization/ group?..again, great question)

A: Answer is "No" (On the day of and at no time at all our message would change. However, methods (the way we do things) can change but our message of love and unity in Christ would remain forever the same

Suggestions made.

1. We should definitely consider effective ways to follow up (with unsaved) during and after events (Wonderful contribution)

2.We should also look at registering as a company (at least in time to come) which would assist in ( Sponsors from businesses, liabilities, legal matters as well as taxes and proper


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