The Currents of Magic BY: daniel glasgow

The book "The Currents of Magic" is a fantasy book that tells a story of a wizard that is still in training written by Daniel GlasGow and internet book writer so there are no much info about him

meyer brant has lived in the outlands his entire life.Sometimes trader bring magical artifacts from the great realms and other far off lands we soon fines out the he is a wizard he is sent by the king to catch magic creatures instead he endures in daily magical Training.

This story is set in london england around 1800's

Meyer Mrant is the main character is this book he is a kinda of slow guy he has black hair. he talks fast. he is slim and tall.

the theme of the book is surprises can come from anywhere

"Gotta love a good old wilderness session"

This is important to the setting because it tells the it in the wild and it maybe be bad weather

"parchment was unspooled against the stone heart"

This is important to the story because it foreshadows the a stone heart will be seen later

the primary conflict is that a bad wizard is out to kill his because of a business deal gone bad

vocb. words


2. wizard

3. catherby

4. gaze

5. martial

I would recommend this book if you like magic book like harry potter then you will love this book. I this this book is magic funny and cute.


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