Learning Objective #3 REtrieval practice and self study

Three Learning Techniques That I Have not used Adequately

  • Flash Cards are a learning technique that I have not used adequately. I have not used flash cards adequately because of one main reason. Laziness. Every time I have made flash cards they have been extremely helpful. They are easy to carry around, they don't take up a a lot of space, and they help stick definitions in my head because they are so repetitive. Therefore I will start using them to study in my communications class because flashcards will be very helpful for the weekly vocabulary tests we have. My tests very weekly, but I will make a flash card for each vocabulary word and study my stack 20-30 minutes a night. (Add Pictures of Flashcards)
  • Pal Sessions seem to be very beneficial. I have attended PAL sessions and they have been very helpful. However, I need to start going on a consistent basis to maximize the benefits. I have been struggling in math 1020, so I will attend my PAL sessions on every Monday and Wednesday from 8:00 - 9:20 in Daniel 213. I will also use these PAL sessions to learn, not to complete homework or other work I am behind (Upload a picture of attendance sheet at pal)
  • Group quizzing is a technique I rarely use to study. I rarely study with groups because I like to study in a quite, peaceful place, where I can calmly think through my thoughts. So, I usually study alone on the bottom floor of the library. However, I have noticed that I have had questions I quite can't figure out, so I have realized it isn't always better to study alone. I will start studying with a group for my upcoming Econ test and quiz's because I think others opinions and inputs will be beneficial to my grade. Therefore, I will begin completing our in class worksheets every Tuesday and Thursday with a group, instead of completing them by myself. I will also begin attending the daily drop in group -tutoring times on Tuesday and Thursday and Siren Hall.
  • Overview: I will be using all three of these study techniques for three various different quiz's and tests, and compare the results of using these techniques and not using them.


Results of Using Flashcards

  • On my last five communication quiz's I have received scores of 80, 60, 75, 85, 80.
  • After making a set of flash cards and using them to study for my quiz on 3/21/17, I made a 95. I made a 90 on the quiz the next week using flashcards too. Flash cards have been extremely effective in learning vocabulary and have really showed me that a little extra work carries much more weight.

Results of Attending Pal

  • I have attended every Pal Session on Monday and Wednesday since my second Math test. It has really helped me with in class work and in class Lab assignments. All of my in class lab assignments, since I have been constantly going to PaL, are all above a 90. But I will see it's true results after I take the third math test which is On April 12.

Results of Group Quizzing

  • On My first Econ test I made a 75, studying alone. For my second test, I studied with Watts, Eaddy, Riley Pharr, and Joseph Addison. We completed our group worksheets as a group which was very helpful because I learned easier ways to solve the problems. We also attended the drop in tutoring sessions Sirrine 406 as a group where we were given all sorts of problems to solve and we worked as a group to do so. As a result, I have made a 90 and 95 on the two previous quiz's and an 84 on my second test.

Reflection: All of these study techniques were beneficial to me. The use of flashcards in Communications heavily increased my grades on my weekly vocabulary quiz. Attending Pal sessions twice a week in math really helped simplify the math and made it much more easy to understand and comprehend. As a result, my test grades, and class work grades have increased. Thirdly, studying and working with a group in my economics class has been very beneficial. Hearing other's peoples inputs about problems, and seeing different ways they solve them, has really helped me in economics. Instead of viewing it as a problem in the textbook, I now view the problems as real life decisions which makes them much more practical. Overall, I would say that working with a group has benefited me the most because I have noticed the highest grade change has been in my economics class. I am honesty extremely surprised because I never thought that studying in a larger, noisier, workplace would benefit me but hey, cant doubt it til ya try it. I have also noticed that as my grades have improved from implementing these study techniques, I have also felt much more confident on a day to day basis. In the future, I plan on using all of these techniques and plan to expand them to all of my classes.


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