ARUP Laboratories

BACKGROUND- ARUP Laboratories is a national reference laboratory branched off of the University of Utah's Department of Pathology. They perform all laboratory work for the U of U healthcare system as well as performing over 3,000 different types of tests. Their specialty is highly complicated pathology testing including genetics, molecular oncology, anatomic pathology, pediatrics, and pain management, among others. Not only that, but ARUP blood services provides 25% of all blood collected and transfused in Utah. They are a company that is nationally recognized for excellence and a focus on patient care. Facts from ARUP Fact Sheet.

ARUP Central Facility at Research Park in SLC.

ARUP cares about its employees and provides a generous and comprehensive benefits package. Nearly all the benefits start from day one, and most are extended toward the employee’s registered domestic partner as well as his/her spouse and dependants. They have policies in place to support their employees. Many of these policies are in line with Williams ideas on policy regarding work family balance.

SHORT TERM LEAVES- ARUP employees begin accruing short-term sick leave starting from day 1 of employment which maxes out at 90 days. This leave is unpaid but is available to all employees both full- and part-time. They have a long-term disability program that can allow qualifying employees to earn up to 70% of salary for issues lasting longer than 90 days. Qualifying issues are not stated in the handbook, however a close friend of mine at work used these benefits for her maternity leave, as well as a recovery period after a broken pelvis. They also offer funeral leaves for all employees. Paid time off is offered starting from day one of employment with 17 days offered the first year maxing out at 30 days each subsequent year. These days do not expire and can be used for necessary leave.

CHILDCARE- ARUP offers an onsite childcare facility at their central facility available to all employees. They are open from the hours of 6:30am-6:00pm and will care for children age 6 weeks-6 years. I was unable to find costs associated with this facility but have heard that it is very reasonable and those I know have been happy with the quality of childcare.

WORKPLACE FLEXIBILITY- A variety of schedules are offered for ARUP employees. Their main facility is open 365 days per year, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. This leaves a lot of time to be completely staffed. One of their most popular shifts is a 7 on-7 off schedule of 10 hour days. This 70-hour work week is followed by a week off. These employees are paid for an 80-hour pay period meaning 80 hours of pay for 70 hours of work. They also offer only early morning shifts or only late night shifts. There are Monday-Friday 9-5 type schedules. ARUP has some employees at outside clinics that have schedules based on those locations. They have an extensive staff that is PRN only, or works only when needed. This means that regular full or part-time employees have people that can work in their place during sick days, leaves, etc.

HEALTH COVERAGE- One of the best benefits of working at ARUP is the onsite Family Health Clinic available to employees, their spouses or domestic partners, and their children. They have an onsite Wellness Center and gym.

TAX POLICY- As far as taxes go, ARUP doesn't have any special policies that Williams focuses on. However, they have a variety of financial programs.

OTHER BENEFITS- There are other employee benefits that can help contribute to the work family balance. These include tuition reimbursement for employees up to $2000 per year and dependents up to $1000 per year. Some medical programs (MLS, MLT) are reimbursed at 100% of cost with work contract after graduation. They offer adoption stipends up to $2000 per year. Not only are there many benefits to working for this company, but the environment is a generally positive atmosphere and as an employee I always felt very supported and appreciated.

CAN ARUP EMPLOYEES HAVE IT ALL? Overall, I think ARUP makes a great attempt at allowing their employees to have a great balance between work and family with their leave policies, childcare opportunities, health and wellness clinics, and flexible schedules.

I LOVED working for ARUP and would recommend it as a company that supports work family balance!
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