Star Board - Term Two Week Nine St Matthew's Collegiate School Weekly News

Principal's Message.

Kia Ora Koutou

This is not my message at all. It is actually someone else’s , then read by someone else, and now being shared with you by me because it just made sense.

All of this is about being you, and being brave.

Jane Savoie, an internationally accomplished sportswoman and writer told this story that ‘if you put fleas in a jar and screw a lid on it, the fleas will initially hit their tiny flea heads against the lid while attempting to jump out. Some sixth sense then tells them exactly how high the lid is, so that they keep jumping—but not quite high enough to hit the lid.

Now, when you take the lid off the jar, the fleas will keep jumping—and although they could easily do it, they will not jump high enough to jump out. They have it in their tiny flea brains that the height of their jar is their limit. So, I ask you are we not like those fleas? Don’t we all have limits that are only real because we believe them to be real, not because they are real in fact?

Jane commented that ‘You can build yourself a much bigger flea jar. At some point, it will be so high that you will not be able to jump out of it—you are, after all, only mortal—but it might be very high, much higher than it is today.

Now the story about jumping higher and also being brave continues here. I figured that as this has been in the public forum of the Breakfast Show that I can repeat it here (Thanks Paula):

“There was a small snapshot in the middle of the storm yesterday as to what has gone so badly wrong with this country.

A couple of blokes are out paddling in the capital's harbour, next thing you know you have cops, cars, ambulances, helicopters, and calls for bills to be paid.

That entire bit was engineered by feeble handwringers on land who have, for whatever reason, decided that these two blokes should not be doing what they are doing.

The blokes concerned are having the time of their life, they are living their life. They are living their best life. They are the sort of people we need more of. The sort of people who get up early, get into their day, challenge themselves, set themselves goals, stay fit, value their health and most likely went on to work and had a good day at the office.

They are go-getters.

We were once a nation of go-getters. We are the nation that produced a man who went to climb the tallest mountain in the world before anyone one else did. We are the country of adventurers, of explorers, of risk-takers, and boundary breakers. We were the country that took the number eight wire and did so much stuff with it; it became part of the way we speak.

That was until we decided to become wet blankets.

There is a very, very big difference between people who go out and do dumb stuff in nature ill prepared, who get lost through inexperience, who have no appropriate clothing, who have not been there or done that before, and then need our help, and the elite players who revel in extremes.

Revelling in extremes is actually a good thing because it involves understanding risk and testing yourself. Unless you push yourself, you never really know what you are capable of.

If all you are capable of is phoning emergency services from the comfort of your lounge because you have decided all of this is foolish nonsense, then you need to have a good look at yourself.

They did not need help, they did not want help, they did not ask for help, they did not send up a beacon, and they had a good paddle. God bless them for it and may they face many more storms, stormy days and may their attitude to life be enhanced because of it.

Thank God they are still about the place to remind us not everyone fears life.”

Have a fun (and safe) weekend. Why? Because I want you to have fun, and to see you back safe and well next week.

Ngā Mihi


Around School This Week

Reader's Cup

On Wednesday we travelled to the Reader's Cup competition in Fielding, where they competed against ten other teams from schools in the region. The team (named Bananas ‘bout Books) were: Evie Leach, Peta McKay, Maddie Stephenson and Charlotte Kirk (and Milo, the team mascot). The girls had to read several books in advance of the competition and then answer questions about them on the night. They did themselves proud by coming third and were only a few points behind the winning team. They also won a prize for the best team chant and were able to choose books to take home. Well done girls!

Lucy Clearwater

Reader's Cup students Peta McKay, Evie Leach, Charlotte Kirk, Madeleine Stephenson

Trinity Schools Special Character Hui

On Thursday afternoon a group of St Matthew’s Collegiate students attended the Trinity Schools Special Character hui on the Rathkeale site. The Hui was to enable members of the Trinity School’s Trust Board Special Character Committee to gain an insight into what parts of the Anglican Special Character provisions at our schools students find helpful and uplifting. The hui used a triangle method of enquiry to explore how Chapel, RE and service support the spiritual life and understanding of our students.

Sport Results

Year 13 girls, Laura White, Amy Bunny, Pippa Raleigh, Maddie Taylor, Kianna Dawson, Jemima Edwards, Meg Southey and Mandy Yeo

Congratulations to the First XI Hockey team who retained the Dunce Cup with a 2-1 victory over Wairarapa College.

Our Senior A Netball team also played Wairarapa College last night (at the same time!), with the score 55-39 to Wairarapa College.

Charlotte Beetham shoots for goal, Sophie Renton and Jorja Julian watch on.

Food Bank Appeal

Today we dropped down to Masterton Foodbank to deliver the grocery items that were collected on our recent Pride-week mufti day. Pictured from left are Amelia Huggins, Sally Booth, Maggie Thomson and Alex Anstis.

World Vision

Last weekend was the ‘official’ World Vision 40 hour challenge weekend. So far St Matthew’s Collegiate has raised $1010.99 towards our goal of raising $2000 this year. I think that one of the best ways to complete this challenge (and yes there is still time to finish it) is to engage in 40 acts of random kindness over a weekend. Be creative – be bold – be generous and connect to:

Whanau Day

Today the girls enjoyed a 'Whanau Day' where they stayed in their Whanau group all day. Here they completed work that was set by the teachers they normally would have had on the timetable. It was a chance for girls to catch-up and fine-tune their independent work habits.

The main purpose of this day was for the girls' Whanau teacher to interview them individually to find out how they were doing at school, both academically and socially. We put a high value on these discussions with the girls at this point in the year.

From here on in we will publish Effort Grade Report Four at the end of the term. Then we will be holding Parent/Teacher Interviews at the beginning of Term Three. Details for these are below.

School Notices

Parent Teacher Interviews

These will be held next term at the following times:

Thursday 29th July - 2pm - 5.30pm

Friday 30th July - 3.30pm - 5.30pm

These interviews will be held in the Library/Seminar Room.

The booking for the interviews will be open on Wednesday 7th of July from 10am. They will close on 10am Thursday 29th July.

Please go to the link and use the code below:


We would really appreciate it if you would only book one interview with a teacher your daughter has for more than one subject.

Late to School

We are finding more and more girls are coming into Assembly and Chapel late. Please ensure your daughter is at school for these events. They can miss out of key notices and school events. These school activities begin at 8.10am.

Sport Uniform

Just a reminder to you all that girls are required to wear full tracksuit to games, and on the journey home after games. We would really appreciate your support on this issue.

Girls are able to wear their black school thermal (with SMS on the sleeve) underneath their sport uniform for games, especially when the weather is cold.

House Music

In Term Three rehearsals will be held on Thursday afternoons from 2pm-3.10pm and Friday mornings from 8.10am-8.40am. We would really appreciate it if you would not make appointments for your daughters during Thursday afternoon rehearsals. We have placed the rehearsals in school time to ensure the House Leaders have full attendance.

Our House Music event will be held on Friday 17 September at 6pm. We will be holding this in the Wairarapa College Hall. We will be issuing tickets for this event - three per student as we have a number restriction for the venue. If families are not planning to use their tickets we ask that they are handed back to the school office for reallocation via a waiting list. More details will come to hand nearer the time.

Coming Up on the Calendar......

Term Two - Week Ten

Monday 5 July - Cross-Curriculum Projects, Joseph Matinee, Massey University Visit, Junior Choir, Junior Production Rehearsal, Viva Rehearsal

Tuesday 6 July - Senior Chapel, Joseph

Wednesday 7 July - Ngatahi Group Rehearsal, Orchestra, Viva Rehearsal, Youth Group

Thursday 8 July - Junior Production Rehearsal, Co-ed School Activities

Friday 9 July - House Music Rehearsal, Jazz Band, Final Assembly, Effort Grade Four Report published to the portal, North Island Secondary Schools Cycling

End of Term Two

Term Three - Week One

Community Events

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Have you booked your ticket to this year's Senior College Production? The first performance is tonight and continues next week. Follow the link below to purchase tickets

Year 12/13 Business Ventures

Senior College Production