Ten Technology Troubles By: Student Chloe Ogurek


1.) Pop~Ups appear saying: "You could have Malware on your Computer!"

- Use Alt+F4 so you can exit out of Pop~ups without clicking them and potentially download malware or a virus. (skip to 2:25 in the video for helpful information on tabs and pop~ups.)

2.) My computer won't turn on!!!

- Don't panic!!!!!

- Check physical things.

- Try to remember if there was liquid near your computer or any type of food.

- Check important cords!

- Try to remember if your battery was low and that your computer could of potentially died.

- Plug in computer or unplugged cords.

3.) I don't have connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Check your network!

4.) Software won't protect my computer!

- Update your computer software.

5.) My files won't load!!

- Don't panic!

- Check Network.

6.) My computer is lagging!

- Check the network

- Or restart

7.) I need software!

- Go to..............................

8.) My message won't send!

- Check network

- Check the gigs of data and storage.

9.) Weird tabs continue to appear!

- Use Alt+F4

10.) YouTube video's won't load!!!!

- Reload page.


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