Boudoir By Haleigh

Be confident. Feel gorgeous. Have fun.
You are beautiful.
Hello There!

My name is Haleigh and boudoir has to be my very FAVORITE type of session. Seriously, if I could do this all of the time, I totally would! There is just something captivating about documenting the moment a woman goes from being unsure about herself to the instant her entire body language changes into something fearless. Helping women to experience real confidence is one of the greatest feelings!

Just go for it. Really. There's no better time.

What are you waiting on? You have nothing to lose and you won't regret taking a chance on yourself. I know what you're thinking right now; there's no way that you can feel confident in front of the camera. You're feeling apprehensive and insecure. Well I have news for you, we ALL feel that way! There's always 5lbs that we feel we need to lose. We need to be tanner, firmer, and the list goes on and on. I know what it's like to be self-conscious. I have an entire list of things that I would like to change about myself, BUT when I stepped in front of the camera for my very own boudoir session- my whole demeanor changed. I left that session feeling like I could conquer the world. You may think that you are not the ideal body type for boudoir sessions or that you're not confident enough to be 'sexy', but I promise you that you have it inside of you! The truth is, there is no ideal body type for these sessions. We are ALL beautiful! I have shot every body type from size 0-24 and I can assure you that every single woman left feeling amazing about herself!!

Your curves are sexy.
Let us pamper you!

Your session includes professional hair + makeup. I work very closely with an AMAZING stylist who will make sure you step into the session feeling GORGEOUS. I mean, who doesn't love being pampered and feeling like a superstar for the day?

Your confidence is stunning.
The Session Fee- $350

Your session includes one full hour of professional hair and makeup, one hour of photography coverage, unlimited outfit changes, and an private online galley containing your edited images with a print release. Products are sold separately.

All prices are subject to change at any time without notice. If you would like to lock in this rate, please officially reserve your date by signing Boudoir Photography Agreement.

Your Product Investment.


Will anyone else see my images besides me?!

NO way! Your gallery is totally private and I would never show a client's private photos without prior consent. I am a very private/shy person, so I could not imagine sharing such intimate images without my client being completely okay with it.

What if I don't feel skinny/pretty enough?

Who says you have to be 'skinny' to be beautiful? We ALL have things about ourselves that we'd love to change.. I know I have tons, but you are beautiful and whoever you're doing this session for is going to be blown away! Like I said before, boudoir sessions are a huge confidence booster. I am very shy and lack confidence, but I have done one for my husband and I walked away feeling gorgeous.

What should I wear?

Most girls try to incorporate details that their significant other likes. For example, my husband LOVES red. So I wore red high heels and brought red roses from our wedding day to incorporate. I had a client who's husband likes batman. So she brought little batman details. Another client brought a guitar and another, her husband's gun . So the possibilities are truly endless. As for outfits- I'd bring at least 2 or 3. Clients always seem to love when there are options during the session. You can get as sexy or as sweet as you'd like. Most girls bring a little baby doll nighty, a sexy set, their husband's button-ups, or even a simple as cute bras and panties to mix it up. Definitely don't forget about some sexy high heels and pearls as well!

I am single, but I would still like to schedule a session. Would that be weird?!

I have done sessions in the past for women who were completely single and simply wanted a reason to feel pretty! In my opinion, there is no better gift that you can give yourself. I am not joking when I say that you will leave this session feeling like a million bucks. You will spend the day getting pampered and feeling pretty. It really doesn't get any better than that.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! I do actually. I offer a 10% discount off of my session fee if you sign a full model release allowing me to use your images for advertisement. So you get all of the perks of enjoying an awesome session, but for an even better price! Ask me about the model release discount today!


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