Forever My Love Storyboard Tom Rae (16608265)

1. Establishing long shot. A lone soldier walks wearily along a trench. No mans land can be seen in the background, craters cover the ground and a broken tree acts as a point of reference.
2. A close up of the soldier. He sways side to side as he marches forward, slowly moving towards the camera. The first cast members name appears, an indication as to who he's played by.
3. Long shot. The soldier has moved further along the trench. Planes fly above and tanks roll across the ground, all moving towards a battle in the distance.
4. Over the shoulder shot shows the soldier holding up a photographer of a women, his love interest. The second name accompanies this allowing the audience to make a connection between character and actress.
5. Long shot. Our protagonist is no longer alone but part of a larger group of soldiers all marching forward along the trench. He is distinguished by his shaded face.
6. Close up high angle. A torn French flag represents the damage the war has done but also our protagonists damaged properties as well as the source of his own internal conflict.
7. Long shot. Our protagonist climbs a ladder to get out of the trench and charge across No Mans land.
8. Mid shot showing our protagonist slowly climbing with title appearing above in the sky.

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