Zavory L R Photography 1

Rule of Thirds

Whistle Grass

This photo displays the rule of thirds and has a natural white color. The focal point of this photo is located in the upper horizontal third and is directly on the grasses seed tendrils. The secondary focal point is met after looking to the right third of the image in the tangle of tendrils. The grass itself takes up only a third of the image with the remainder being taken up by the background foliage. The shadows in this image have been increased by 10% while the brightness has been increased by 20%. The white and green of the foliage and grass complement each other with a shining zeal, that catches the eye in just the right way. Overall this picture has a good mix of light and dark.

Tunnel Sight

Leading Lines

Rusland 1942

This picture makes use of leading lines and has contrast. The contrast is between the darker bricks/foliage and the light blue sky. The leading lines of the image are the electrical cables and metal piping. The cables lead the eyes across the image, while the pipes lead your eyes from the bottom to the top of the image. I personally like the secondary contrast between the foliage and the bricks. Overall the picture features a nice aesthetic and caries a good sense of contrast.

Roped In
The Corner Store

Edited Macro


This photo is using the macro feature of the camera and is also very vibrant. The flower itself is the main focal point with no other focal points before counting the bee as a sub focal point. When looking at the flower the image leads your eyes to the humble honey bee. I personally think that the image is able to stand alone due to its high details and vibrant coloring. This image also shows that the rule of thirds is not always needed for an image to look good. In closing this is my favorite of all the current photos I have worked on.

Clouded Glory

Edited Monochrome

Country Roads Take Me Home...

This photo make use of the monochrome style, shading, and leading lines. The lack of saturation is what makes this image monochrome. Shading is what makes this specific photo, because it helps draw the eye in a circle. I personally like the road as a leading line because it leads your eyes towards the horizon. Overall the the image is very reminiscent of the early 40s/Great depression style.

Mushrooms Of Old

Edited Portraits


Lucas’s original photo was too bland and pasty so I began with duplicating the layer so the image wouldn't get worse. Then I opened curves in color and made an s-curve on the base value of the image. Following this I boosted the red value by about 2 degrees and lowered the blue value by 3 degrees in the top right of the graph. After that I made an additional s-curve with the green value giveing Lucas that final pop. To finish the image out I cropped it to the standard yearbook size. Overall Lucas no longer looks pale and doesn't have the original lizard person vibe he had.



A Game with Death

The photograph makes use of a gradient and the aspect of Still-Life. The set up of the photo was as simple as moving the skeleton laying down a white cloth setting caps and cards and finally angling the camera just right. Then it was just a click away, following that I used the free select tool to outline the background of the picture and applied a red gradient. After that is smudged the gradient and used the color curves to darken the red. My favorite part of the picture is just its overall painting vibe, it just feels like a medieval painting. Overall the image makes good use of the gradient and and Still-Life in general.

Death's Sight
Created By
Zavory Roinuse

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