My ideal career CLiona corr 10h

I would like to be a air hostess because I love to travel and see new places

My ideal career is to be a air hostess because I love travelling and seeing new place

I would like to work for the company emirates which is based in Dubai.When I'm 21 and start training for it when I'm 18

I would like to work that company because I went to Dubai earlier on in the year I and I really enjoyed seeing the famous country and the culture

I would also like to work for that company because I had a enjoyable flight with the great service of staff

The subject you need to be a air hostess are

  • Math
  • English
  • Businesses communication
  • Travel industry
  • A language

The qualities you need to be a air hostess are being polite by greeting the passengers on the plane and good body language to show the fire instructions

The other thing you need is to be a good sales person to be able the goddies from the trolles e.p earphones,toys or perfume

And lastly is to be a confident swimmer who can swim at least 100m for emergency accident

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