English bulldogs By brean maibohm

Do you want to take a trip in to the life of a English bulldogs? If so let's go! The life of a English their care, diet also bad toys and good toys for English bulldogs. Remember English bulldogs are hard to take care of but it's all worth it. One fact about English bulldogs is they are some times really lazy also if you try to tran them you aren't going to get any ware because they like to go buy their own roles .


The best diet for English bulldogs, is feed you bull dog a food with out grain because they can not digest grain. Some foods you can feed them are earth born dry dog food and royal caiman dry dog food as well. Next of you should some times add things like yogurt or even dog treats. Did you know bulldogs treat eating like a race so you should buy a slow eating dog bowl. Next of you should always have a cool bowl of water for you pet to drinking. Last of Wach how much you dog eats because some times they act like they are hungry when they are really and gain extra weight and that's not god for English bulldogs.

So cute


The hard care and keeping of a bulldog. Every day and night you have to wipe you bulldogs wrinkles as well as there eyes corners and face. Always brush their teeth. Next of bulldogs need lite exercise a day so they don't gan weight. Second you should keep vet visits regularly like every six mouths also keep shots frequent like every six months as well.

Every other week you should grome your bulldog and brush its fure. Last of keep you bulldogs nails cut short.


Some good and bad toys for English bulldogs. A couple of bad toys or bones for bulldogs are rawhide bones and other bones because they can brake of in to sharp peaces and your dog can choke on them. Some good toys are skateboards and soccer balls. Next of konges and other things like a tug of war rope. Last of bulldog like chasing tennis balls. One last toy is ball on a rope.

In conclusion this was the care, diet and bad and good toys for English bulldogs. Remember bulldogs are high maintenance dogs but it is all worth it. English bulldogs are very cute and they are a great family dog and love kids. As you can see Emnglish bulldogs are very special dogs.


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