Playstation is a company that is more commonly known for their consoles/multi media devices, a Japanese made console built in 1994 by Ken Kutaragi purchased by Sony Entertainment on the release date of the Playstation one, December 2nd 1994.

Who made Playstation?

Playstation was made by a man named Ken Kutaragi, more so known as the father of playstation is a Sony employee in the late 80's. Born on august 2nd 1950, Ken Kutaragi was the former chairman and group ceo of Sony entertainment.


There are more than a few things that come to mind when we hear the word playstation. One being the very famous console, their massive community and their supporters along with their very famous rivalry with X-Box. Along with their cutting edge consoles.


Playstation is primarily located in San Mateo California as of 2007.


Ken Kutaragi made playstation in 1994 with his team at Sony even though at first Sony entertainment did not support their cause to make a gaming system, still his team pursued their dream of having the playstation as a gaming console and because of that we know the gaming side of Sony that we know today.


As a student odds are that a million dollar company will have no interest in meeting me but if they did I would attempt to get a hold of Ken Kutaragi and speak with him and try to get a hold of the playstation company.

What questons would you ask them?

The question that I would ask are as follows: -How do you think that you effect the community?-Would you say that your company is a leader?-How do you think that you are a leader?-How did you become a leader?-Do you have advice for people that want to become a leader?-What was your end goal when you began the creation of playstation?-What is playstations new goal?-Why do you think that you made it? I would ask those questions because as a want to be leader in the future there is allot of questions that I think that are important that need to be answered to have a good experience on the way to become a leader. I anticipate that playstation will end out telling me that its all about dedication if you are dedicated you are willing to do anything to make it. With the answers that I receive I will use that knowledge to improve my current state of leadership.If playstation does not want to meet with me, frankly I wont be surprised but as I have mentioned before I will get a hold of Ken Kutaragi and he will most likely aid me in my quest to get these questions answered.

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