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What is this product?

This fridge is a Mitsubishi brand in a dark mahogany colour. Its main features include between a 562 and 743 litre capacity, depending on the model you choose. It includes multiple compartments for various foods that require special refrigeration, such as a vegetable drawer, meat drawer, freezer drawer and Supercool chilling compartment, where you can store perishable foods, such as meat and fish at a temperature of between -3°C to 0°C without freezing them. This keeps foods conveniently left unfrozen leaving no need to defrost whilst still keeping them fresh, it has a non-plumbing required automatic ice maker and a temperature senor inside to direct cold air to the places that need it most, such as newly placed hot food.

Why did you choose this product?

What made this refrigerator stand out from competing products was its efficiency, this refrigerator boasts a 3.5 star energy efficiency rating which, compared to other competitors of a similar capacity and features is far greater than the average. This energy efficiency will lead to lower costs over time and a softer environmental impact when compared to other brands with a lower energy efficiency rating, and thus was able to stand out as a fridge that was not only large in capacity, but could also keep running costs relatively low.

Consistent praise across reviews led to an extremely positive outlook on the product, with a product review score of 4.8 stars out of 5 on product, as well as the Harvey Norman website, which boasted a review score of 4 stars out of five. Everyone on their respective websites had something positive to say about the fridge, examples include; “our annual energy consumption has reduced by nearly 200 Kw per year … Expensive, yes. Worth it...definitely.” and “The storage is amazing so well designed. It is so easy to find everything. it holds so much, can't hear anything even has a mat in ice maker to prevent noise. Easy to store sauce and dressings condiments etc. love the vegetable drawer. Easy to clean. Looks great too which is a bonus”

Impressive versatility and adaptability to any kind of lifestyle. With its multiple compartments fit for any type of food, this fridge can suit anyone regardless of what food they eat. It is also easy to fit into a standard kitchen with a very compact design of 803mm x 1820mm x 738mm, impressive for a fridge with such a large capacity

This ultimately was enough to justify the higher cost when compared to other refrigerator brands

Where will this good be purchased?

This good will be purchased from Harvey Norman which, whilst a more expensive location when compared to other stores, offers pickup in any of their 170 stores across Australia, it also offers both a bonus free 5 sauce-pan set valued at $699 and an unbeatable 5 year warranty. The store also offers Product Care®, which means that if, after assessment, there is a fault with your fridge after taking it home, you can be guaranteed a replacement through a hassle-free return process, the program also offers other benefits, such as a free product check-up and prints every year. This program is only offered through Harvey Norman and, with a product that is typically more expensive, you want to be guaranteed peace of mind whilst buying a fridge, this means that Harvey Norman is the best choice for purchasing this product.

What are some methods of payment for this good?

Harvey Norman offers two ways of paying for your good, either through 50 interest-free payments of $94.91 a month, or by paying directly. The benefits of paying through separate payments over time is that if you do not have the full payment of money directly, you can more easily earn the money over time to pay the item back. A disadvantage of using this service is that, even though Harvey Norman does assure interest-free payments, if you fail to comply with the terms of service, you must then pay a fee of interest, it also must be used with a Mastercard Go card, which means that you must purchase a new card that comes with a 25$ establishment fee and monthly payments of $4 a month. Paying directly does mean that the money has to come upfront, but ultimately it is a better decision long-term as you do not have to deal with interest fees or paying for new cards, which means the product will be purchased by paying directly.

If there is a problem with the good, what is the process of resolving the issue?

If the product is taken home and found to be faulty, it is within your right as a consumer to take this product and return it as outlined in the consumer protection law.

First, you must contact the seller, in this case it would be Harvey Norman, with the Product Care® that had been purchased with the product, the


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