Mysterious History By Oliwier Ropa

“Yo, guys! Get over here. I found something!” screamed Steve.

“What did you find?” asked Bill.

“Is that a cave?” asked John.

“Should we go down?” questioned Max.

“Should we explore it?” asked Andrew.

“We actually should find out a little something about the cave first.” suggested Adrian nervously.

“Naaahhhh” said Steve

Me and my friends are scientists. We found a cave somewhere in Europe that hadn’t been researched before. On the border of Poland and Germany. Maybe more on the side of Poland. Close to the mountain Tatry. So we were getting ready for it. We didn’t know what we could expect. So we packed our best equipment. We needed tickets for a plane to get there, and a taxi to get to the mountain. We finally arrived at the mountain that had the cave. We climbed for hours on foot before we went inside the cave. There was a weird smell that has accrued. Maybe it was the mountain that smelled weird.

First, we saw six tunnels. Steve’s idea was that we each pick tunnel. We picked who should explore each tunnel and see what was down there . First Steve walked through his tunnel because it was his idea. He walked silently to listen for Steve’s call. Everybody was listening for Steve’s call, but there was nothing. I checked the radio or his tunnel, but he was gone. So we carried on. Bill felt very confident about his tunnel. He continued through . Again there was only silence . I only could hear Bill”s footsteps. We heard something lock and a gun shot. Suddenly Andrew wanted to go through his tunnel because he thought we were scared. While he was going through we heard a trap go off and a scream. John went thru, and we heard an loud explosion. It was up to me and Max. Max just wanted to get through it. Again it was only silence.

Now I was alone. I heard something closing behind me near the entrance. Someone had to close the entrance. I turned around and saw the entrance closed. Then I heard someone giggled. There was only one entrance, into my tunnel. I had to go or I would die. So I went. There was nothing in the tunnel except a light that was coming closer and closer to me. I just stood still. The light stopped and dropped a rock before it went away like it was turned off. Then there was that giggle again. The light had dropped some kind of note in a different language. Thank God I had my phone with me so I pull up the translate app. The note said, “Get out quick don’t even bother getting your supplies, just get out of this cave.” No name or signature. .

I was still walking carefully I didn’t know what was in the tunnel or at the end. When I got to the end I was shocked, basically speechless. I saw 18 gate-keepers just flying above what seemed like a maze. I felt super terrified because I saw dangerous traps. I thought to myself, “This is going be the day that I die.”.

The maze had some kind of heavy mood in it. Like it had been decorated for of some kind of ritual . The smell was so bad, you couldn’t even breathe. It simply was a place of death. The traps were mostly for big animals. I was feeling dizzy just looking at it. Trust me if you were in there you experience it. I was mostly ignoring the gatekeeper because they seem friendly mostly. So I ran through screaming at first. Then I tried to break the traps or disable. I was doing a great job and I passed.

I saw the door. I opened it, and saw a key on a ancient table. I simply picked it up and started making my way back. I was inside the maze again. I thought I would kill myself if I had to go through the maze again. I saw the gatekeepers flying over the path of the maze. The correct and safe way to get out of this maze. So I was finally at the entrance of the cave. I saw a creature just standing there.

He said, “Congratulations , Mister you passed the test. Now let our kingdom live in secret and warn the anyone who might follow you to never come down this cave.”

“What do you mean?” asked Adrian

“You don’t need an explanation you just saw it.” answered the creature

“What is in these other tunnels? asked Adrian

“Lets called them hallway.” answered the creature

“Maybe I'm gonna see later in the future.” Said the creature.

The creature let me out and closed the opening. Then the cave was hidden . I went back to my laboratory, however these words from the creature got me thinking. I asked a lot of my friends about it and told my story what happen. No one could help me.

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