Being 15 in Laos By: Shelbee Weiss 2nd period

Laos is a ethnical country where people are able to express their religion.

In Laos the country has approximately about 6.4 million people who are currently living there. Its in the southeast Asia. Living in Laos is very difficult because of the education is not always provided. The schooling is very limited because of the educated teachers and money wise in which it can be a difficult to have an education, but in some of the In villages with urban areas, boys and men have a chance to get an advance education (Education In Laos). While the girls and women take care of the house, make dinner, work, etc. In the 1953 to the present there is a communist ruling were the french got defeat and the Laos people were finaling in peace but then the president came(Bounnhang vorachit) had taken over and became a communist ruling.

Being 15 in Laos is very difficult but hopeful, because of the schooling and the economy which is trying to bring up the disappointing poverty in Laos.

Schooling can be difficult because it's mainly men and boys who get and education while some girls don't get the chance of an education. The boys are getting an normal but they also have a chance for an advance education

By looking at how boys are getting an education is up more than by 40%, who can get an education. The rest of the 60% are women and staying home or working who try to keep there houses. ( Save the Children)

It's by knowing how the world is different from your perspective. This is a worldwide issue in were children are not able to get an education. The issue is where the schools are filled with 40 % and the rest is women who are working.

In Laos there are more than 47 different euthenics groups in were people are allowed to practice religion that is fit for Laos. There is a way for the people to understand what its like to live there.

This is concluding for what it is like to live in Laos is very difficult because of the schooling and were the economy is not a good thing and how the country is being brought by the government. The government is a working as a communist ruling.(SavetheChildren)

The reasoning for the people in different ethics groups, the culture, and education. This is why we can do something in a way for this for doing to this and being used for the people. We can help them and do this to do something to improve this.

This is conclude for this as an eye opening to do something about Laos. This is a way for to be someone amazing. The ethnicity, education, and the culture for Laos and to be concluded as a way to understand what its like be part of something special.

By learning all this information I truly understood what is like to live in a country were the communist was over ruling and didn't have any control in the lives of kids.

That it was interesting that people have such a different way with ethnicity, education, and culture. By this doing it is very important in the way its totally different form the united states.

This has a huge impact in the learning about a different country and understanding what its like to live like that life. Laos is a beautiful place but has a lot of filth. I read an article that it going there is very filthy in the poorer areas and in the places by the temples. People said that they wouldn't go back because it is full of disgusting and poverty. (EveryCulture).

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