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In May 2019, Open Government Partnership (OGP) is launching Break the Roles, a multifaceted campaign designed to bring awareness to the underrepresentation of women’s voices in OGP and drive the community towards more inclusive commitments. The goal of the campaign is to encourage at least 30 percent of OGP members to take a concrete action to advance gender equality and inclusion through open government by the end of 2019.


  • At the 6th Global Summit, OGP will be launching the gender and inclusion campaign to advocate for more diverse voices at levels of government and civil society.
  • Opening up government is an underexplored method for accelerating gender equality and closing critical gaps in information, access, and participation. And, when women and girls are absent from open government, so are the knowledge and skills that limit the potential of ambitious reforms impacting daily lives.
  • Only 82 OGP commitments include women or gender – representing less than 2 percent of almost 4,000 commitments made by national and local governments.
  • That is why OGP is launching Break the Roles - a campaign to help everyone be intentional, strategic, and ambitious in meaningfully engaging with women and under represented groups in policies and processes.
  • When women are an equal, contributing member of society, with access to information, health care, education, and work, those societies are more likely to succeed – and in a more inclusive and sustainable manner.


Thank you for sharing our messages with your networks. Make sure to follow OGP on Twitter (@opengovpart), Facebook (@opengovernmentpartnership), and Instagram (@opengovpartnership) for the latest updates. Please use the hashtag #BreaktheRoles to amplify your messages.

  • How can we build governments that look like us, that include all voices? If we want to change the rules, we have to #BreaktheRoles that hold us back. Learn more about @opengovpart’s gender and inclusion campaign here: http://bit.ly/BreakTheRoles
  • If you want to change the rules, you have to #BreaktheRoles. Here is why we believe gender and inclusion matter. http://bit.ly/BreakTheRoles
  • Women and LGBTQ+ people working in #OpenGov, share your stories and experiences with @OpenHeroines by May 25th. Governments cannot be truly open if it doesn't listen to ALL voices. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2YpOa4Q #BreaktheRoles #OGPCanada
  • Thank you to our partner @IDRC_CRDI for their support and commitment to advancing gender inclusion and equality in open government through the #FeministOpenGov Initiative.
  • The rate of women’s representation in national parliaments has globally increased from 11.8% in 1998 to 23.5% in 2018. But we can do more today to make this number much larger. #BreaktheRoles http://bit.ly/BreakTheRoles
  • Women form only 1% of the global procurement market. That means in a room of 100 women business owners, only 1 will win a government contract. It’s time for a change #BreaktheRoles http://bit.ly/BreakTheRoles
  • Governments should reflect the needs of all its citizens, regardless of gender, beliefs, cultural background, sexual orientation, or abilities. At #OGPCanada, learn how you can help build more inclusive and open governments: http://bit.ly/BreakTheRoles #BreaktheRoles
  • When women and girls have equal access to information, health care, education, and work, societies are stronger and progress is more sustainable. #OGPCanada http://bit.ly/whygenderwhynow #BreaktheRoles
  • One-third of people live in extreme poverty, often facing systematic political, social & cultural barriers embedded in laws and norms. Find out how governments are reaching out to include the most vulnerable in decision-making. #OGPCanada https://bit.ly/2m3WSEI #BreaktheRoles
  • For Gender & Inclusion Panel at the OGP Global Summit in Canada on May 30: A government can’t be truly open if it doesn’t include the voices of all citizens. Today at #OGPCanada, governments & civil society organizations from all over will discuss their experiences in advancing gender & inclusion. Follow along here: https://ogpsummit.org #BreaktheRoles


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