MBriefs Byte Sized Benefits | March 2020 Edition

This month’s edition of MBriefs jumps all over the place! We show you how multiple employers and schools are thinking outside-of-the-box to provide medical care. And then you will learn about a camera you will only want to use one-time (trust us on this one). We finish up with a video stressing why you should open mail from your insurance carrier. If you like the video, we can put it (and dozens more) in your employees’ hands – just ask!

The Real Stuff You Need to Know

Trending: Curing Illness on the Job

Employers are tired of hearing the “I have a sick kid” excuse, and well, the employees are tired, or scared to use that reason, but it is true. Too often, employees and/or parents don’t go to the doctor simply because they can’t. A sick child stays in the classroom, a supervisor attends all his scheduled meetings, all the while spreading the illness. The newest trend of onsite or near site clinics is putting a dent in absenteeism. Read how in Dayton City Schools, children have access to more than a school nurse, with dental and vision testing as well. In addition, both Dayton and Cincinnati employers are joining forces to open near site clinics specifically for their employees. The savings these companies are experiencing indeed justify the cost to maintain the clinics. Employees and students are either staying healthy or getting healthier quicker. Now that reflects some good return on investment.

DIY At-Home Colonoscopy?

Well, kinda. The pill camera has been introduced as an alternative to a colonoscopy, however, it really is just step one of the process. You pop the pill that has a camera on either end, and it will document a video of your intestines on a recorder attached to your waist. All the while, alert and comfortable at home, work, even church. You deliver the results to your doctor and if you are lucky, no polyps or possible cancer cells will be seen. However, if there is something that needs to be removed…that is stage two, and the real fun begins.

Video Links for Quick Health Care Knowledge

No matter what time of year, if there is a change in your health plan coverage, insurance carriers will send members mail notifications. Most often, this is a change that will impact your out-of-pocket cost, or even the availability of your prescription drugs. If you ignore these statements, you could be hit with an increase at the pharmacy. Instead, open the mail, reach out to your doctor to learn more, and possibly avoid that sticker shock entirely!

Side Affects: Our Podcast to Provoke You to Think Differently

Is your workforce healthy? More importantly, do your employees KNOW they are healthy? One simple finger stick can give you the satisfaction of knowing your biometric numbers. Tune in to “Side Affects” with producer Kenzie Fell, her guest host, Director of MB Strategy and Innovation, Dave Homan, and their guest Tiffany Kuck. Tiffany is MB’s Population Health Manager and explains how important and yet how easy it is to set up a bio-screening for your employees. Biometric screening is the first step to healthy living.

Events You Should Probably Plan to Attend

HR Technology – Ready or Not, Tag You’re It!

Are you being tasked with being more efficient? Are your employees wanting more from you? Do you know how to find more time in the day? Are you “It” for your organization? Kelly Zimmerman of Benefit Technology Resources will walk you through how to evaluate your current state of HR technology, how to identify technology opportunities, and how to prepare a long-term technology strategy.

The course has been approved for 1.5 hours of HRCI and SHRM credits.

Speaker: Kelly Zimmerman, HR Technology Consultant at Benefit Technology Resources

Kelly Zimmerman is an HR Technology Consultant. She has over 25 years of experience in administration and management of Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll in a variety of industries gaining in-depth knowledge of the entire life cycle of the employee from an employer perspective. Kelly has utilized several technology platforms including Paychex, ADP, Ultipro, PeopleSoft and Ceridian as well as implemented new technology at her employers. Prior to joining BTR, Kelly spent almost three years in the Group Benefits practice of a regional insurance brokerage firm in Nashville, Tennessee with responsibilities for both Account Management and Benefit Administration of two large books of business. During this time, Kelly was recognized for her dedication to the clients and the entire Group Benefits area along with her strong client service. She is known for her broad knowledge in HR law and policy as well as its application to benefits and technology.

Kelly received her Organization, Leadership & Supervision degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, and has earned her PHR Certification and Tennessee Insurance License in Life and Health.

MB Dayton - Wednesday, March 18th | 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

MB Cincinnati - Wednesday, March 18th | 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

MB Columbus - Thursday, March 19th | 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

To Post or Not to Post?

Hello HR Execs, it’s finally time for you to join the social media revolution. Embrace social media and use the tools that your employees will understand and accept. With the straight-forward tips listed below, you are one step closer to trending all the way home.

People Want Personalization!

This month, we are switching gears from social media tips to marketing suggestions that every company should consider. Communication is key -- especially when it comes to employee benefits or health insurance information... but even WE can admit, it's not the most exciting topic! So, to combat these "benefit blues" -- think about these ideas next time you're trying to get a message across to your employees.

Personalize, personalize, personalize! Consumers CRAVE personalization. From a monogram on a purse to a custom greeting on an open enrollment video, people respond to personalization. Today, we have the technology to personalize anything - from an email to a video to a landing page. Although consumers aren't actually making any choices when they view personalized content, they do know that they are engaging with something tailored towards their preferences or interests, which makes them perceive that they have some level of control over their experience. Plus, consumers are being bombarded with information all day long and if something has their name on it - they are more likely to engage.

It's survey time! Surveys have been around forever but today, they are more important than ever. Surveys are used to gather market research and whether your wanting answers internally or externally, people aren't afraid to share their opinions! With surveys, you can measure awareness, gain insights, increase engagement and hopefully, take this information to improve your processes.

Take a poll! Back in the day, teachers would take a poll by asking students to raise their hands. Now, we do it on social media. In today's world, you can customize people's preferences and survey customers and employees all by the tap of an icon on social media. Plus, it can be anonymous. Twitter allows users to vote in a 24 hour poll. Instagram offers a feature on their "stories" to vote for their preference or rate something on a sliding scale. Facebook lets you ask a question, customize the answers and lets people vote for their favorite option. The results are instant and you can immediately do something with the feedback. Try it out!

Rumor Has It…But Details to Come

Gene Therapies: Special Delivery

Imagine if you will, being able to deliver a replacement gene to yourself, much like mailing a letter. Gene therapy can be as simple as putting the new working gene into an envelope-like case, address it, and deliver it to the nucleus of defective cells. Once delivered, the body takes over and the gene produces the proteins it needs. The future is looking brighter for people who are affected by monogenic diseases like Cystic Fibrosis, ALS, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), hemophilia and even blindness. The future is now. In the next five years, the FDA plans to approve 50-100 cell therapies. Talk about a special delivery!

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