Worth Forgiving Jami Cardoso


My whole life I believed that everyone I met would stay with me. I thought that there would never be any arguments between me and them, which means there would be no reason to forgive them. When I meant this one girl, my whole perspective on friends changed. Ever since 6th grade, Kali and I were the best of friends. We had sleepovers all the time, we were over each other's houses every weekend, and were always hanging out. We had so many inside jokes and were always together, in and out of school. We had small arguments about stupid little things, but they would be forgotten 5 minutes later. During the summer, however, everything changed.

Part 1

Over the 3 months we had of summer break, Kali started ignoring me, only talking to me when we were alone, and it puzzled me. Out of nowhere, she became friends with Hayley, who, I believe, did not like me. I noticed that she was starting to ignore me more and more, like at the pool club and on social media. At the pool club, I would go up to talk to her, but she would ignore me and continue talking to whoever she was with (usually Hayley). On social media, she would post something kinda rude, and I would ask her who she was talking about, but she never answered me. I started to realized that she was probably talking about me. She was always hanging out with Hayley, and hardly hanging out with me, or anyone else. So I, not on purpose, started getting closer to Lily, the girl that she did not like.

As time went on, me and Kali started growing more and more apart, and Lily and I started getting closer and closer. This is when I realized that things were probably going to change. By the time school came around in September, we barely talked at all. Kali didn't sit with me at lunch anymore, and she basically only talked to me in class when it was necessary. As she was now best friends with Hayley and always hanging out with her, me and Lily became best friends and were always hanging out.

Part 2

One weekend in September, I had a sleepover with Lily at her house. A little while after I got home from her house the next day, my two other friends came over to hang out. At about 8 pm, I looked on my phone and saw that I had an text message from Kali. It was a pretty long text message, but it said something along the lines of, “I’ve been wanting to say this for a while now. I don't really want to be friends with you anymore. You know that I don't really like Lily, and the fact that you are now best friends with her makes me mad.” It said a lot more than that, but ended with something like, “Just know that I won't be talking to you anymore, so bye.” My perspective on friends changed completely, and I realized that this is something I might not be able to forgive her for. She really hurt my feelings, so I told my two friends that were over, and they stood up for me by confronting Kali about it, and telling me what to say back to her. This ended in a long argument with Kali, but it ended after many long paragraphs about how I wasn't a good friend and how I knew she didn't want to be my friend anyway.

Part 3

The next day at school, we ignored each other, and this continued for about 4 months. Then over the course of about a week, she started to talk to me a little bit more and more. Until one day, she texted me, saying that she missed me and wanted to be friends again. I had to think about this for a little bit because I did miss her, but I didn't know if I could forgive her for just cutting me out of her life like that. After about a week of thinking about it, I decided that I would forgive her. Not just because I knew she really wanted to be my friend again, but because I did miss her, and I missed all of the memories we had together. So at the end of the week, I texted her saying that as long as we forget all of the bad things that happened, and we move on, then I’ll consider being friends with her again. After about a month of slowly getting closer and becoming friends again, we went back to being the best of friends we were before. Looking back at the situation now, I realize that some people that appear in your life are worth forgiving.

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