Signed by Trump An empowering series showcasing the real donald trump

The photographs depicted here are just half of a series titled ‘Signed by Trump’ by 18-year-old photographer Aria Watson. In light of the recent presidential election results, Aria felt that the American people needed assistance in realizing who Donald Trump ‘really is’. While she knows that most people are set on their views, she hopes that this series will ‘open people’s eyes’ and inspire others to insight change.

It is not difficult to recognize the significance and purpose behind these photos. On these woman’s bodies are genuine quotes from the new President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. As in what I believed to be a shock, Donald Trump won the Presidential election in 2016. Much of the world’s population shares this view with me, including Aria Watson. In the above two images, the quotes “young and beautiful piece of ass” and “must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees” can be seen painted onto these woman’s bodies. No matter what context these quotes are read in, they cannot be perceived as positive. However, the act of painting these quotes onto real woman sends a powerful message: these nasty and inappropriate words were said about or directly to a woman. Imagining that person as being your mother, or sister, or wife, creates a whole different meaning for the viewer.

While Donald Trump has made many controversial and harmful comments about sexuality, religion, and race, gender has also been at the forefront of his malicious campaign. It is, and always will be, especially in times like these, important to continue to stand up and inform the public as, where there is resistance, there is power.

April Scholz


Cho, K. (2016, December 12). A student has created a gripping and NSFW photo series with Trump’s quotes about women. Retrieved from

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