How The Communists Ruined Christmas By Mongol Horde

Mongol Horde

2014 | Punk

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'Twas the night before Christmas And all throughout the house — Not a creature dared disagree — Yeah, not even a mouse.


  • Mongol Horde is an English hardcore band featuring Frank Turner on vocals & guitar.
  • Frank Turner is the original frontman for post-hardcore band Million Dead And currently performs acoustic and folk music.
  • Turner classifies himself as a classical liberal which is almost unheard of in modern popular music circles.


Luke Tatum

This is my first exposure to Mongol Horde. This is a fun way to present the brutal fact that communism, for all its proponents and defenders, has killed tens of millions of people. The really fascinating aspect, though, is that the lyrics seem to tip-toe around any actual condemnation of Marx himself. The communist leaders who are more directly responsible for the bloodbaths we have all read about are indicted by name. Marx, however, is portrayed as "joking." So, the evil men who took the ideas kill Marx and burn his body, but his honor is not impugned. Not knowing anything about the band, I'm not sure how to take this. Maybe the songwriter truly is condemning Marx but making an allusion to the way that modern socialist audiences tend to use the "not real communism" defense instead of grappling with the body count of their ideology.

Sherry Voluntary

This is Christmas music I can get behind! Not your normal sappy sweet jingling ear-bleeder, this hard pounding song is lyrically fun and musically tight. It’s pretty straightforward in its anti-communist message. I find it just a tad satisfying that, in the song, Marx is subject to the violent ends of the ideology he authored. It's a fantasy of poetic justice to me.

Nicky P

You’re probably asking yourself: why a Christmas song at the end of January? Couldn’t we put them all in during December & save you the annoyance? A valid question for sure but allow me to counter with: we’re leading this adventure, we’ll write what we want...really Sherry and Luke are tolerating my song choices. The truth is I love this song so much I just couldn’t wait a year, plus who can even tell it’s a Christmas song. It’s about as much one as Christmas At The Zoo by the Flaming Lips, so not at all. What it is, is an aggressive reminder about the horrors of collectivism. I feel like every holiday could be spent angrily yelling at Mao & Pol Pot, but there is something special about using Silent Night as a basis for the tirade.

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Nicky P

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