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Main idea
Book cover
Chapter 1:

The main idea was Anniemarie and Ellen were walking home and Anniemarie said lets race. Ellen and her started to race. Then when they got to the corner and the two soldiers stopped the two girls. The two girls got still no motion. Then the soilders talked to them and they let them go and when they got home Kristi told mama everything that happened. they asked Anniemarie what happened.

Chapter 2:

Main idea: The main idea is about how the king Denmark had come to Nazi rule. The king was smart and made a move that would make sure that none of the soilders and people got hurt. The king was one of the people that the town would die for. The dad said that he would die for the king and so would mama. Then she added so would I!

Chapter 3:

Main idea: The main idea was the Germans started to close down stores that Jews have been running. the war started to begin faster. People needed help so now they are standing up for one another. And fighting for their justice. Then people start to lose money and all their belongings.

Chapter 4:

Main Idea: The main idea is that Ellen's parents were sent to a different place. Ellen stayed at Anniemaries house so they can't find her. then the parents said they are going to be ok. Ellen freaks out because she misses them and she doesn't think they are going to be ok. Then they told her why they were gone or what was happening and then they comforted her.

Chapter 5:

Main Idea: The main idea is that Ellen and Anniemarie were sleeping. the Nazi officers were looking for the Rosens and they were hiding Ellen in the Johansens house. the officers checked and Papa pulled out baby pictures of all three of them, then the officer believed them. then they left. They made them each stand up and made they answer questions.

Anniemarie was holding the necklace of David.
Chapter 6:

Main idea: the main idea is that Mama and the girls are going to see uncle henrik. so they can get away for a while and also so that the officers don't catch them. And send them away. To a camp or to just a death penalty. They are trying to make Ellen safe.

Chapter 7:

Main idea: the main idea is that Anniemaries family took Ellen to their uncle Henriks house. then they explained everything that they did and how everything was at the farm. But the kids didn't know the real reason why they were there. They played and ate Cream and things they couldn't get in Copenhagen. Then they had fun. Mama and Uncle Henrik talked about something.

Chapter 8:

Main idea: the main idea is that Anniemarie is wondering who Great-Aunt Brite is because she would know if that person was in her family. And that there parents were acting a little strange. Then they made a phone call. The funeral started then Uncle Henrik Told her there was no Great-Aunt Britte.

Chapter 9:

Main idea: The main idea is that Anniemarie found out this was a fake funeral but then, they took Ellen outside then the door opened again. They gave looks at each other. She thought who was really in the casket? Looking and then she saw Ellen in her dads arms and their mother next to them. Then the funeral began for real then a car head lights shined threw the window.

Chapter 10:

Main idea: The main idea is that a Nazi officers came in and they asked questions. then they lied to the officers saying that a Great-Aunt Brite had a disease. so then the officers left because they didn't want the disease. And then they started to read a bible until they knew the officers left. And then peter left with his group.

Chapter 11:

Main idea: The main idea is about that peter and his group left to the dock and now they were on their way to freedom. Then the Rosens were not the same. Uncle Henrik left early to get to the boat and then they left and the Anniemaries mom left. Anniemarie dose off while she was waiting for her mom.

Chapter 12:

The main idea of 12 is that Anniemarie is home alone and she looks out the window and finds her mom laying on the ground. She ran as fast as she could down the stairs. Then she woke her mom up and then Anniemarie asked what happened. Her mom said she tripped over a root and broke her ankle. So they go back inside to clean up.

Chapter 13:

Main idea: The main idea was about how Mr. Rosen forgot the packet that was for Uncle Henrik so now Anniemarie is running to the spot as fast as she can without no one seeing her. She makes up stories in her head. Then stories run through her head. She makes herself scared. And is almost there but then something stops her.

Chapter 14:

Main idea: The main Idea is about how Anniemarie is on her way to deliver the packet. she is described what it looks like. She is also telling stories and then something is making noises, then she comes up to four soldiers with dogs. And she got scared. She didn't think this was make believe.

Chapter 15:

Main idea the main idea is that she was delivering a package to Uncle Henrik. Then the soldiers searched through her basket and she started to act like Kristy. They thought she was a pathetic little girl. They asked her questions. And fed his bread to the dogs then when she got there, Uncle Henrik was happy. He was happy and told her that he will be back and that everyone was going to be ok.

Chapter 16:

While mama and kristy went with the doctor to get her cast on, Anniemarie milked the cow. Uncle Henrik told her she was brave. He told her that they were hiding in the boat. He told her that the soldiers searched the boat. And then he told her that the package was a chemical. The chemical was so that the dogs don't smell the people hidden in the boat. It makes the dogs lose there sense of smell.

Chapter 17:

Main Idea: that main idea was that her parents told her that peter died. They were all very sad. Then they told Anniemarie how Lise died. They said that she was part of the resistance and then they said she died because the military Nazi car ran her over. That is how she died and then she opened the crate and looked at all her belongings. Then they fixed ellens necklace and she started to wear it.

The end.


Created with images by Eli Sugus - "Nazis." • Gareth1953 All Right Now - "The Royal Wedding - Apr 2011 - Patriotic Party Goers at Victoria Station" • Tim Green aka atoach - "King Stephen" • Random Retail - "Store Closing" • Jolante - "Livingroom sleepover morning" • oatsy40 - "Meadow" • jill111 - "winter barn snow rural" • geralt - "stretcher hearse coffin" • IAN RANSLEY DESIGN + ILLUSTRATION - "Dock" • simpleinsomnia - "Young woman playing with a ball in the grass" • holdosi - "girl at night running" • expertinfantry - "Best Army Photos 2" • Moyan_Brenn - "Fishing" • Josh Kelahan - "Windcrest - Milking a cow" • Tim Green aka atoach - "War graves in Stoney Royd cemetery, Halifax"

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