Local Government of Pittsfield WI Megan Mielke

3041 Kunesh North Rd, Pulaski, WI 54162

Above is a picture and the address of the Pittsfield Townhall, where meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month. The meetings are for the local government leaders and are also open to the public.

The 83 mile long Mountain Bay Trail, runs through Pittsfield and its neighboring municipals.

A map of Pittsfield is placed above including most roads of the town. Pittsfield is placed in between the City of Green Bay and the Villiage of Pulaski. It may be small, but it is a great home to about 2,608 people.

Picture taken at Pittsfield's Community Park

One of the main Issues happening in my local government is the decision of a new fire truck. The new fire truck cost would be shared and used between five municipalities, including Pittsfield. Each township using the fire department would provide 8,000 dollars towards the new roof. Pittsfield have decided to put forward that 8,000 dollars.

Picture Taken at Local Creek

I agree with my local governments decision of paying the 8,000 dollars towards the new roof because in case of an emergency the place protecting and saving our citizens should be in good conditions. My solution would be to look at the budget at see if any money could be spared for the new roof, and also ask for donations from the citizens of Pittsfield. As only a last resort, would I ask for tax payer money.

Picture Taken at Local Creek
"Remembering Our Heritage... Planning For Tomorrow."

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