Why Do People Love Basketball?

People can love basketball for many reasons like when a person does a sweet dunk

People love basketball because basketball was invented by Dr.james Naismith in 1891.It's been growing ever since.

People can also love basketball because the NBA was invented since June 6,1946. Also here's another the average attendance since 2006/2007 is about 17,319.http://www.statista.com/statistics/193632/average-regular-season-home-attendance-per-team-in-the-nba-since-2006/

Here's a NBA game

Humans are cause to love basketball sometimes because it's in there blood or like there dad was a basketball player and they want to be just like his dad.

Sometimes people love the sport and want to play pro for making the money.

People can love basketball for dunking and also for cross over when they break people's ankle and also for buzzer beaters and game winning 3s http://www.layups.com/8-reasons-why-people-love-to-play-basketball/

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