Welcome to MenumaviN

Convenient and easy to use.

  • Each individual in your group will receive a unique link from MENUMAVIN. It connects them directly with menus/ vendors they can buy from.
  • The link is unique to the individual, your company and the menus available.
  • Menumavin works with any device you use. Desktop, phone, tablet. No need to download an app, it simply works. Start an order on one device and continue to customize it on another device.
  • There are no logins or passwords to remember. The system simply works when you open it. Most users order in 30-40 seconds, start to finish.

There are no Order minimums and no delivery charges.

The screen below is A sampe screen view of where the email link takEs oNe.

The Menus.

  • On the left side are the tabs for the menu sections.
  • The center section is the sub menus and actual items.
  • Once you add an item to your cart you will be able to add notes, additional items like avocado or bacon. As well as other customizations.
This screen shot is of Davids menu, open and ready for ordering.

Ordering is easy.

  • As shown in the photo below you have the ability to order from multiple restaurants in one cart.
  • In essence your cart travels with you as you move from restaurant to restaurant.

Check Out.

  • Your company can designate a subsidized spending limit for each individual in your group.
  • If an individual chooses to exceed their subsidy then they simply enter a debit or credit card to complete payment for the balance of the order.
  • Check out is typically just one click.
  • The restaurant knows the address, delivery time and delivery spot.
  • Menumavin is SSL certified. It is air gapped, tokenized and processed through encrypted network. In short we use the highest levels of security available.

Giving your team access to menumavin benefits them, your company and the restaurants.

Get started today. There are no fees and no long term contracts. Your team will thank you.

Email Jon Brennan.


The Slides belOw are for the curious among you. those that want to learn more about the bells and whistles under the hood.
Everything on Menumavin takes place in Real Time. 

Why is real time important?

  1. Because the menu content is posted in real time your team has access to each restaurants true daily specials. Competing software companies place a six week delay on restaurant menu changes.
  2. Our restaurants use fresh ingredients. This at times can cause them to run out of a given item. Because menu content is updated in real time, the plates you see are the plates they have.
  3. Real time saves everyone valuable time, significantly improves order accuracy and leads to overall higher satisfaction for guest and restaurant.

Going back to the restaurant landing page.

Change and Send Message buttons

We created the message button to save time and increase effective communications.

  • By using the send message button you have the ability to ask the restaurant a question before you order. Questions like, " Hey, David. If I order the French onion soup with no onions will your team really be able to do it?" Davids will respond back yes or no. But the important thing is you don't have to wait until the food arrives to find out if you are going to be happy or sad.
  • The restaurant also has a message button. Let's say they see you placed a note on your order that they don't understand. They may send you a message asking for clarification.
  • There is no need for phone calls. no waiting on hold.
  • Your direct contact information is never given to the restaurant.
  • You have the safety or exploring menus without the risk of being disappointed.
The Decline Order Button and Remove yourself button.
  • The decline order button just means you looked around and don't intend to order today. You don't have to click it. However if you don't click it the system will send you an email fifteen minutes prior the the order window close time, asking you to complete today's order. You can ignore or delete the email if you like.
  • The Remove yourself button. This is permanent. If you click it it will remove your account from the active system. Which means we will not reach out to you again. If by mistake you do click it and need to be added back on simply email cb@menumavin.com and we will flip the switch. Just takes thirty seconds.

Delivery times.

We know your time is important. Memumavin Is built for timing accuracy. Restaurants dIsplay their true delivery times Before Guests order.

Preferred delivery times, dynamic delivery times and restaurant delivery times

  • We feel strongly that a core part of great communication is clearly managing expectations.
  • MENUMAVIN provides superior customer service. To explore this in detail it is better if we discuss it in the context of your specific office.

What do the stars mean?

The stars next to restaurant names and next to dish names once you've added the dish to your cart.

Using the stars.

  • Click on star next to restaurant name and that restaurant will always appear on the top of your restaurant list. Unless of course they are off for a day.
  • Click on a star next to a dish name once you've added the dish to your cart will then make a permant favorites list for your future orders.
  • The is especially powerful for lunches such as a salad bars. Build your perfect salad once and it's there for all future orders with just one click.

Your team deserves the benefits of menumavIn.

Email today to get started for tomorrow. Jon.brennan@menumavin.com

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