History of Daoism/Taoism Made by sachin, amanda, reed, & Brendon

Found in 550 BCE, Daoism/Taoism marked a precedent for a lot of Chinese people, Daoism/Taoism is a Chinese philosophy based on the writing of LAO-TZU, an important philosopher.

Similar to Buddhism, the main belief for those who followed Daoism/Taoism was that there was a path for everyone to follow, to once again, reach spiritual enlightenment.

Taoism adherents, mostly the leaders, were severely persecuted for their radical beliefs in the 19th and 20th century, but experiencing a revival currently, the leaders realized that the world is not comforting and that they have to learn how to make proper.

Within the course of 50 years before the 19th century, two headquarters were formed, one of the iconic ones, the White Cloud Temple.

Adherents of Taoism

Laozi, was the leader of the Taoism, because he founded the religion at the beginning 550 BCE.

The statue outside of PF Changs

The yellow emperor, Huangdi was also often associated with the origin of Taoism, because he was emperor around the time that Taoism was founded and recognized the new religion.


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