Florida Museum of Natural History By: Maddie Hancock

In the butterfly exhibit, I came across a sign that explained all that butterflies eat. After reading it, a couple butterflies eating rotten fruit such as grapefruit and bananas grabbed my attention. This was really interesting to me because before the exhibit I had no clue what they ate and I got to see them actually eating. I love butterflies and my friend and I found this very enjoyable to watch.
When entering the butterfly exhibit, we were told not to touch the butterflies or plants while inside unless they were to land on us. In the picture above, I watched a butterfly land on a plant and eat it for a while. As much as I wanted to touch the butterfly or try to get it on my finger, I knew I had to respect the exhibit just like Leopold stated. I was also really pleased to see the other visitors treat the exhibit with the same respect that the nature deserves.
This is a picture of the most interesting butterfly I saw in the exhibit. I learned from one of the workers that at the tip of it's wing it is supposed to look like a snake so it is camouflaged. It is amazing that something that is so little can be so complex. It also makes me think about how lucky we are to not have to worry about hiding all of the time. As humans we sometimes take advantage of all we have.

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