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By: Manuel Pena

The Archezoic Period!
The archeozoic period started around 2500- 4000 MYA and during the Precambrian period
The atmosphere during the Archeozoic period was way different than it is today. The air that we breath was different during the Archeozoic period also, it had mostly methane, ammonia, and other gases that could be toxic to most life today. The Earth's temperature was also different and rocks along with continental plates began to form on the Earth.
The Archeozoic Period had the first life forms to appear on Earth and turned into one celled organisms. They then evolved into plants/animals such as Blue-Green Algae, Archaeans and Bacteria grew and evolved.

While the Archeozoic Period was taking place, the solar system was starting to form together

The Paleozoic Era!

The Paleozoic Era holds one out of the two most important events in the history of animal life. The multi celled animals went through a "explosion" in history. The Paleozoic Era had experienced the largest mass extinction in history, it had wiped out around 90% of all marine animal species.

During the Paleozoic Era only two faunas dominated the seas, the "Cambrian Fauna" and different Trilobites".
At the end of the Ordovician, the sea was no longer occupied by the plants or ANY multi-celled organisms
Land plants rapidly evolved into vacant niches. By the end of the Devonian, forests of Archaeopteris conquered the landscape.
The Permian extinction happened 251.4 MYA and killed Tabulate, Rugose corals, Graptolites, Trilobites, and Crinoids died out during the event.
The Mesozoic Era!

The Mesozoic Era happened between 248-65 MYA.

The type of animals and plants that habited the planet was different types of faunas, ferns, cycads, ginkgophytes, bennettitaleans, and other exotic plants.
The breakup of "Pangea", (the current land that held all the other continents together) in result of it, it made fault-bound valleys, volcanoes forming, Central Altanic Magentic Province.
In the Mesozoic Era timeline, it held the Triassic Period, the Jurassic Period, and the Cretaceous .
The Triassic Period lasted from 251-199.6 MYA, when this period happened Pangea was still connected. The Triassic Period also held the largest extinction event in history. In the middle of the Triassic Period Pangea started to deform itself and created Australia.
The Breakup of Pangea also formed North America, Eurasia {Europe & Asia) South America, Antartica, and Africa. As the breakup happened it started to form mountains and separate the continents.
The Jurassic Period had lots of plant-eating dinosaurs during this period, small but hazardous carnivores roamed the lands.
During the Jurassic Period, the ocean was massively occupied with fish, squid, ammonites, ichthyosaurs, and long-necked plesiosaurs.

The Jurassic Period also holds the most fossils out of the other periods.

The Cretaceous Period, also noted for being the ending of "The age of dinosaurs" and the breakup of Pangea continued to breakup and starts to look like current day Earth.
The Cretaceous Period happened from approximately 125-100 MYA. During this period insects started to look like the modern-day insects.
65 MYA the largest mass extinction ended the dinosaurs. But birds still lived and thrived, along with marine animals.
The Cenozoic Era!

The Cenozoic Era occurred 65 MYA, also named the age on the Mammals. Also named "Age of Flowering Plants", "Age of Insects", "Age of Teleost Fish", and the "Age of Birds". As you can see its basically when all modern day animals take the lands. The Cenozoic Era is divided into 3 sections, the Paleogene, the Neogene, and the Quaternary.

During the Paleogene Period the precipitation was high, land connections between Australia and Antarctica. Land connections between North America and Europe through Greenland.
The Neogene Period, this period happened between 23.03 to 5.3 MYA. During this period other ecosystems started to form, such as Grasslands, Tundras, Deserts, and Forests. The Continents continued to form into their former selves and globally warmer climates.
The Quarternary Period, supposed to happen 2.6 MYA to 11,700 years ago. During the Quarternary period the an Ice Age took place. Most of the worlds temperature zones were altered,

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