An Afternoon at the Florida Museum of Natural History Yislen's Visit to the Museum!

Third picture to the left in the top row: I'm smiling with my friend, but I was screaming off camera.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a nature person, so the Butterfly Rainforest freaked me out, and I made a complete fool of myself. I was definitely out of my comfort zone! I do not like bugs/anything that crawls/anything that flies!! I know they're harmless butterflies, but I physically cannot handle it. It makes me cringe and really uncomfortable. I got out of there as fast as I could.

Nature on Display

Anything underwater is simply cooler!
Giant jellyfish did not even fit my screen!

Growing up in South Florida, I was at the beach more often than most people could ever say. I was raised on the ocean. It is where I feel most at peace, so I really appreciated the underwater exhibit the museum has. The added sounds make it that much more realistic and fun! It was especially interesting to see the sea critters up close and in great detail. Having a Dad who loves to fish was helpful when I tried distinguishing the different creatures on my own before I inevitably gave up and read the descriptions. This exhibit is especially relevant to us Floridians, since we live in a peninsula!

Nature and Ethics

I am still shook a sloth that humungous ever existed.

I definitely agree with Leopold that we have to start appreciating nature and stop trying to take control of absolutely everything around us. We must start actively protecting our environment. Walking through the different exhibits at the museum allowed me to reflect on all the types of animals currently roaming our planet and those that lived millions upon billions of years ago. It is scary to think that we were not always at the top of the food chain. Before we took over the planet, these beautifully large animals (like the world's largest shark, Megalodon, or the giant sloth in my selfie, which I affectionately named Herman) ruled the world. The few people walking by always stopped and stared in amazement, just like I did. It is truly breathtaking. There are so many extinct animals these days and many endangered on their way to extinction, and I think my visit to the museum was a wake-up call that we must do something to stop this. We must stop destroying habitats, and let the animals be!

"Love, respect, and admire the land" -- Leopold

Nature and the Human Spirit

For me, going to museums is a bit of an "out of body" experience in the sense that I leave the real world behind me the second I walk through the entrance. And entering the Florida Museum of Natural History opened me to whole new world. Sure, we learn about the history of the Earth in school. Teachers have been telling us about dinosaurs and the thousands of extinct species since Elementary school, but it is very different when seeing some of these facts right before your eyes. I was shocked to learn just how much we have truly changed the landscape of the earth, and I realized we must stop our greed from killing off all life on the planet except our own species. I would not want to end up in a world like the movie Wall-E!.

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