Mount Merapi Morgan dillon p.7

Mount Merapi is located on the Java Sea in Indonesia, Asia in the Southern Hemisphere.

The geographic coordinates are: 7.5407S, 110.4457E. The tectonic plate is the Eurasian Plate.

Mount Merapi is classified as a strato-volcano. The last eruption was on March 3, 2014. It erupts every 10-15 years. The shape is conical and the VEI is level 3.

Mount Merapi is located in between the Indo-Australian and Sudan plate.

Dangers of Mount Merapi are: the pyroclastic flows, volcanic ashes, and the obvious death probability that can occur near an active volcano.

Some facts about Mount Merapi are that it's nickname is "Mountain of Fire", it is Indonesia's second most active volcano, and traditional beliefs hold that the mountain will only erupt after certain omens.

The population of Central Java (where the volcano is located) is 33.75 million people. 70,000 people live in the vicinity of the volcano. The city has great agriculture due to the volcano.

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