Printmaking Project By Tyler Owens

Design Challenge/Assignment Parameters

Design Challenge

We had to make a linocut and 10 or more prints that show we understand texture, pattern, proportion, balance, emphasis, and observational drawing.

Assignment Goal:

Assignment Parameters:

The design had to be touching the edges on at least 3 sides, you must have 10 prints, and a foreground and background.

Photo of Endangered Species With Links:

Planning And Sketches

Starting to carve linoleum

Finished carving linoleum

First print
Last print


I wanted to show the design and lines of the butterfly's wings, so I made the black lines black and the orange wings white.


It is good, but it could have been made a bit neater on the top and bottom, and some on the sides.


I should have made the lines larger and more clear, and lines appeared on the top and bottom because it touched the ink roller.

Process And In-Progress Work


I looked at pictures of butterflies, and studied the designs on their wings. I then started drawing them, and kept drawing until the wing looked right.

Problems I Had And How I Solved Them:

IWhen I started, I couldn't get the shape and size of the lines in the butterfly's wings right. I studied the wings and practiced drawing, and started to get better at it.

Finished Work:

Finished Print

Critique (review) of Work:

I should have taken more time to make the lines look neater, and I could have put flowers or other, small butterflies in the background. It looks sort of plain with just the one butterfly in the middle.

Created By
Tyler Owens


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