Macy Kate

Renowned for her live show performances with Flo Rida and Sean Kingston, Tampa born singer/songwriter Macy Kate began her musical journey in Atlanta where she developed her soulful voice.

Performing at an early age, she began honing her musical skills on classical piano first and won Superior Awards with the American College of Musicians Guild Competitions, where she began to meet many producers, songwriters, and vocal coach “Mama” Jan Smith. In 2015, she was approached by Flo Rida to tour worldwide on his project for Multi Platinum hit song “My House” Tour. At 17, she played venues like Wembley Stadium, Madison Square Gardens in cities like Shanghai, Cannes, and London.

She began uploading YouTube Covers on her days off on tour and started a 4 Million fan following instantly. Today, she has over 81 million views on her videos. She has worked with Kesha and Ludacris on the ABC show Rising Star, where they urged her to put out her own music.

She released her first single “Property” in 2017, to massive attention and followed up with “ Thinkin Bout You” and her hit song “Vibe” released in March 2018.

Macy Kate - Press Includes:

Vibe by Macy Kate (released in May of 2018) surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify within the first month as an independent artist.

Property by Macy Kate - Released in October of 2017. Also surpassed 1 million streams in the first month.

Macy has earned over 8.9 million streams on Spotify and over 178,000 listeners per month.

In November 2018, Macy Kate signed with Empire. In her time with Empire, she's worked with the Aristocrats, Tommy Brown, Harmony Samuels, and more.

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