Stay home. It seems like such a simple concept. The weather is getting warmer and we all want to enjoy it. Stay home so we can be set free.

Stay home so you don't put your loved ones at risk. So many families are getting sick. Stay home until all of this is fixed. It will be your own fault if you get sick.

Stay home because REAL lives of REAL people REALLY depend on it. Stay home because you could be the one to make things worse.

Stay home because this isn't a game. Stay home because so many people are losing their jobs. Stay home if you want this to be over.

Stay home if you care about your health. Your social life can wait. Stay home, lessen the spread, and hopefully sooner rather than later this will all be over and your life can pick up where it left off.

Stay home because seniors in high school are missing out on prom and they might not get to experience a graduation ceremony. Stay home because these are the last few months they get to see their friends before they all go away to different colleges.

Stay home because hospitals are full. There are other illnesses that people are suffering from and mothers going into labor and hospitals just don't have enough room or doctors to treat everyone. Stay home because some doctors don't even get to go home. Stay home because we can't have funerals for the loss of our loved ones right now.

Stay home and take care of yourself. Start a routine. Workout at home. Cook for yourself. Stay home and bond with your pets if you have any. Be productive. Start a new hobby or get some tasks that you've been putting off done.

Stay home so people can celebrate their birthdays with their loved ones in person instead of failing to sing Happy Birthday in sync over a Zoom meeting.

Stay home so restaurants allow us to dine in. Stay home so we can go on dinner dates again. Stay home so we can meet up for drinks to celebrate our freedom when this is all over. Stay home so we can go to the movies on Tuesdays for $5.

Stay home because going out has caused everything to remain closed longer than anticipated. Not just stores, but colleges as well. Stay home because college students are struggling to keep their grades up during this drastic transition from what they're used to.

Stay home so that our state doesn't get put into a mandatory lock down. We should be mature enough to make the best judgment for ourselves and not have the government force us into a lockdown like we're toddlers in a timeout.

Stay home. You're still going out and ignoring all the signs. You're causing us to lose privileges such as the boardwalk. As the days go by our freedom becomes lesser. The weather becomes warmer and we lose hope of our lives going back to the way things once were. The boardwalk closed less than a week after this photo was taken.

Created By
Lexy Karykous