Rome Museum Exhibit By:Ella Heizer-Nowaczyk

Roman Architecture: Colosseum: The Colosseum was originally made to distract the plebeians while the government plotted plans with out any of the poor people knowing about their plans. The Colosseum had many openings in the walls, but because of this, this is why it looks like it has layers because it was built up over time. This type of architecture is important today because it is used a tourist attraction. However the Colosseum was the start of all sports stadiums and was used for gladiator shows.

^The Colosseum at night^

Roman Art: Vaults: Vaults are high ceilings that are considered "curved" ceilings or domes. These were created by rows of arches that were placed next to each other to form the dome shape. These types of ceilings or features were used to give natural light and fresh air. These are important today because they are often used for decoration or interesting attractions. The Romans got this idea from Greece because of many of the arches in much of the Greeks architecture.

High vault made of wood arches

Language and Literature: There were many types of literature but most of them involve sadness and anger in almost all of the books and poems that were in Rome. One famous writer named Virgil come up with many big ideas for the story the Odyssey and also wrote a poem about the adventures of the Trojan prince and his adventure to Italy. Even though there lots of different poets and writers Virgil sounds the coolest and most interesting. All of the Romans used literature to read. This is important today because everyone all around the world uses literature. However the Romans stole this idea from the Greeks and made it their own.

Books were very important to the Romans

Religion: One main religion that was taken from Greece and plays a big part with the Romans is gods and goddesses. Every single god and goddess was originally from Greece but the Romans gave them new names. this was important for the Romans because many of them thought the gods were there all the time to protect them. The gods and goddesses are important today because there are still a few people today who believe in them or they also find it interesting to learn about them and what everyone loved about them. There are many different types of religion and many different details about each one but the gods and goddesses are definitely my favorite to learn about.

This was a Greek god that was later taken by the Romans


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