A Day in the Life

Delaney Clymer is a student here at Wright State University and her days are hectic. She is an athletic trainer, she is a manager at Wright State's fitness center on campus, she works out and does her school work. She has a lot going on but she's a great prioritizer and does exceptional!

One of the many jobs at the fitness center is to distribute keys to patrons for lockers. Delaney does it in the kindest ways and always greats the patrons with a warm hello and a big smile. When you enter the gym, the workers are the first people you notice so it’s always good to be positive and friendly. The lockers are only for people who can give an ID, whether that be a Wrigh1 card or just a different form of ID.
One of the most needed things patrons need are paper towels to clean off the machines that they were on. A lot of times they might come to the desk and say which one needs replaced but mostly the employees walk around to check on them. It’s a quick and easy fix when they’re out.
The next most needed thing would be the sanitation bottles. These and the paper towels go hand and hand. There is an area in the back that Delaney took me to where they fill them up. Occasionally once an hour is when she usually goes around and checks on things like this.
Delaney is the manager here at the Wright State fitness center and in the picture she is talking to her boss Drew Corbett. Drew says that Delaney is one of his finest employees and a great manager. They get along really well and have great conversations not only about work, but life in general. It’s rare to have a good relationship with your boss like this.
The fitness desk employees also work the front rec desk as well. Up there, their job is to check people into the gym, if you don’t go here or work here than they have you pay a fee to come in, handle all things to do with the rec, etc. Here she is checking out a set of pool balls to a student named Zack Stackhouse. It’s free for students and faculty, otherwise you have to pay.
A lot of the time, Delaney goes into her boss’s office to handle other things. They have to answer phones and help people with their questions. Each desk has a phone and all employees must do their best to help the person on the other side of the phone. Here Delaney was asked what time the gym is open on weekends, and the answer is from 1:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.
It’s not in their job title specifically, but Drew does want his employees to interact with people that come into the gym. Luckily Delaney is pretty outgoing so she does this part of the job pretty well. She has a lot of friends that come into the gym, whether it’s people she met through the gym, or her athletic training friends or anyone else.
As stated, Delaney’s major is athletic training so she has to attend to athletes during their practices and sporting events. A lot of jobs come with this but a big one is stretching and rolling out the athletes to kind of loosen them up to prep for the time being.
Another one of her important jobs as an athletic trainer is making sure the Gatorade containers are filled up. The athletes need to stay as hydrated as they can and it's her responsibility to keep up with things like this. Whenever they need a drink she brings it to them or either prepares it.
Cardio is very important to Delaney and always has been. She's not a huge fan of the ellipticals but she will get on the bikes and the treadmills, During the winter she'll do her running in the gym but she likes to run outside when it's nice out! But for now, the gym will have to do for her and her cardio work outs.
Lately Delaney started lifting in the gym. She used to be all about cardio but her coworkers and friends convinced her and introduced her to start lifting. As she progresses, she will get a lot better and she says she's excited to see how lifting will affect her and make her look like. "Look good feel good" is a good moto to have.
At the end of the day, Delaney breaks out the books. Her hardest classes are anatomy and physiology. These two courses takes up a lot of her time but making school work a priority is one of the things that Delaney does, It's very important to her that she succeeds in school, and not just pass the class like some. She's an all around great person, friend and student.

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