Tour of the Harn By Seung Park

This photo taken above depicts the exterior of the Harn Museum of Art Source:

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

Physical pieces of art and painting/photographs used as mediums of art

The Harn Museum of Art displayed many artworks in various forms. The museum had displays of photography, sculptures, murals, and paintings. The photograph titled "Frida Seated in Her Garden" describes what is occurring in the photo. The photograph shows the quality and skills of photographers of the time. The frame is within a close up shot of Frida' with her face being the focal point, allowing the viewer to see the lines and emotions of her face and spot her uniquely under groomed eyebrows while also showing a glimpse of her bold traditional Tehuanan dress. The detail in the photography goes beyond what a painting could capture. This work of art compels me reflect on how technology (through advances in cameras and lenses) can influence artwork and alludes to the process that Frida Kahlo went through to becomes an icon of fashion.

Design of the Museum

Two photos of the layout of the museum and a pictures from the Frida Kahlo exhibit

I thoroughly enjoyed the "Mirror Mirror..."exhibit dedicated to Frida Kahlo. The exhibit showcases various different mediums and pieces to articulate Frida Kahlo's life journey and themes. The lighting of the exhibit compliments the bright colors of Frida Kahlo's dresses in her portraits. The arrangement of the types of arts are also very concise and easily accessible. The walls are decorated with paintings and photographs that are separated by the mediums. The walkways are narrow and lead into wide proportional rooms where the artwork hang with stands with casings in the middle. The casings held objects that related to Frida's life and the culture she comes from and the people she emanates from her attire.

Art and Core Values

A painting of "Manhattan" illustrated by George Grosz

This painting stood out to me because I recently took a trip to Manhattan. I can see the parallels that George draws from the metropolitan city of Manhattan and the application to his piece. The smog and tall buildings and hustling of the city-scape relates to a core value that I believe which is that if you work hard, you should see results. Businessmen and workers congregate in these huge skyscrapers to earn a living in hopes of prosperity. The smog and darkness in the painting looms over the city, a distant reminder of the lack of security there truly is in the world, therefore you must climb to reach what you want.

Art and the Good Life

"Prism" by Marilyn Minter

This photograph especially titled "Prism" by Marilyn Minter caught my eye. The Good Life theme that resonated with me when looking at this piece is the embodiment of the Good Life. Marilyn Minter embodies the sensual pleasures of sex and materialism within this artwork. This work embodies the pleasures of life that we should seek to resist yet acknowledge. To obtain and live a good life, we must acknowledge the suffering and the indulgence of pleasures to focus more on the positives we are presented with.

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