Global Warming Penguins

This is a picture of some penguins that are about to drown because of Global Warming

Global Warming is very bad for all of us. It is when we pollute to much carbon dioxide and when cows produce a greenhouse gas called methane. As you see carbon dioxide keeps all the heat in the earth. It acts like a blanket for the earth. But, when there is 20 blankets of carbon dioxide its gonna get hot! That is what Global Warming is.

Penguins are effected by Global Warming. For example, the picture above shows that the penguins are hatched on the ice caps. When the penguin eggs are on the ice caps and it breaks away, the baby penguin will hatch and if left on the ice long enough they will die. Another example is the penguins lack of one of there main food sources krill. Global warming makes the krill not come near the ice where the penguins live. The last example how global warming effects the penguins is the climate change. The increasing of drenching, rainstorms, and heat waves is killing a lot of the baby penguins. These are the three reasons how penguins are getting effected by global warming.

Most of the species of penguins live on the southern hemisphere. As you see on the map below the red is where most penguins live.

The penguins are usually found in the southern hemisphere.

Climate- The hottest place where penguins live is 73 degrees and the coldest place is -15 degrees.

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