DTC #62: Golden Rink of Glory With a little liquid courage rip around The tracks before hitting the rink





Meet for your first nip at a neighborhood bar mixing top notch cocktails.

Jump over the tracks to munch on elevated bar bites and sip a local brew.

Round the corner before rounding the rink at the oldest roller disco in LA.

Originally called Harry’s Roller Rink the Moonlight opened in 1956 and has played host to many films and music video’s like Cage the Elephant’s “Take It or Leave It”.
Stop 1

A Cocktail Toast with a Local Host

• 7pm to 7:45pm •

A northbound train screams behind you as you walk down the industrial road on the East end of Glendale...

  • The small stage in the back adorns nightly live bands including psychedelic rock Mondays and live music burlesque shows. Ooolala.
  • Happy hour is from 4-7pm daily with $6 cocktails, beer & wine, and food selections. House Old Fashioned and sliders anyone?
  • If you’re driving parking is not an issue. There are plenty of spots. Leave your car here and walk the rest of the way. You will end the date a few blocks south on stop 3.
Stop 2

Dinner on the wrong side of the tracks

• 8pm to 9:15pm •

Trucking companies and dimly lit warehouses adorn the dark street before you’re graced with the presence of your next stop...

  • Unfortunately there are no reservations but you shouldn’t have too long of a wait unless its Friday/Saturday prime time. There is a “waitlist” on their website but I confirmed it doesn’t work anymore.
  • Food standouts, avocado tacos, sweet potato tagine, and the English pub burger.
  • There’s always 20 taps in order here with their seasonals taking the cake. There is gluten free beer in cans and also wine.
Stop 3

Time to let her rip...on 4 wheels.

• 9:30pm to 11pm •

Colorful lights, neon signs, and a crowd not only dressed but fully feeling the vibes of 1970's disco glory adorn the front entrance, what you're about to see inside is heaven on 4 wheels...

  • The schedule is different most nights and will have benefits to each of them. Tuesday Night, Mr. Dominic plays the organ (only 10 rinks in the country that do this), Wednesday Night, LGBTQI Disco Night (highly suggest coming, no lines, dressed up folks, a party), Thursday Night, Throwback Thurs. (think 80s tunes and a little more people), Friday & Saturday Night, open skate (they can ride up to 700 people a night, it will be crowded)
  • Pay attention to their schedule for Midnight Disco. This starts at midnight and goes til 3am. It’s a party.
  • Bring $1 in quarters. This will be helpful for the lockers.
  • Also, remember to wear socks.
  • There is no alcohol at the rink, only an old school snack bar. Think corn dogs and popcorn.
  • Please please please skate safely.

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