Mrs. Karnehm 7th grade language arts class

Some of Mrs. Karnehm's major tasks include grading, copying, planning, putting grades in and instructing daily. She works with all of the other teachers in her area of Language Arts, also consulting daily with her team of teachers whether it be the secretary, counselors and principal they are all a team. All of the teachers at the Troy Junior High must follow the common core.

Some skills teachers often need according to Mrs. Karnehm are getting along and working well with others, relating to teens (the level she teaches), being organized and simply planning ahead. Those are just a couple of skills teachers need and develop. Mrs. K wishes she knew a couple things before she started teaching but most of all she wished she knew how much teaching would change. She says it's difficult to deal with when she has the same expectations but parents and schools do not when society affects their jobs. To keep her license every 5 years she must take a 6 semester hour of classes, apply to the state and pay to renew her license!

One of the greatest SATISFACTIONS for mrs. karnehm as a teacher has to be watching her students grow up and graduate high school and are SUCCESSFUL. She also enjoys seeing them in high school and having them wish they would have pad more attention in junior high or thank her for her teaching and helping! If she could change one thing about her job she would change that people at the state level who haven't been in a classroom for years would not be abe to dictate what should happen in a classroom, In which i agree with!

By: Karina Horstman


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