Would I lie to you? ...a new season of assemblies, not available on Netflix!

Mr King is responsible for theming our Wednesday assemblies and each year he finds wonderful ways to engage our whole community, not only your children! The rules are that staff wanting to take part in our new series have to link their 3 stories to one of our 10 Thinking Skills…and to then present these to the pupils. Pupils are allowed to question the details of the story before voting.

Mr King kicked off our new ‘Would I lie?’ Wednesday Assembly Season with a belter! Upper School listened to 3 stories and then had to establish which one was not the full truth and the whole truth.

Mr King told the following:

  • · He loves his golf and one fine day, he hit the perfect 7 Iron leading to a hole in one…Ambition
  • On a football tour to the States, he was hit by a coconut launched by Thad Busby, the Quarter Back for Florida State University…this painful story was about Good Judgement.
  • And finally, Mr King shared his frustration at going for numerous promotions but never getting beyond interview…a tale of true Resilience with a happy ending…Orley Farm have a passionate and inspiring Deputy Head!
Timir was a fantastic Gameshow Host...!

I will leave it to your children to share which story was not the truth! However, I would like to thank Mr King for showing what our Thinking Skills look like in the real world. There was an especially powerful outcome to Mr King’s final story – he learnt to surround himself with friends who were supportive but who also could be honest enough to tell him how to grow.

Mr King ended this story with a simple message – there are only 2 outcomes to a test, in one you are successful but learn very little and in the other, you grow, adapt improve and learn…let’s all have a little more of the latter in our journeys!

Tim Calvey