Adobe Spark A strategic brief

Introduction to Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an app that helps you do things in a more creative way than normal. It has three tools that go along with it and they are post, page and video. These tools can create memes, mini webpages and tutorials as well as a variety of other things. Adobe Spark can be beneficial to just about anyone including bloggers, small businesses as well as students like myself. You can find out more information about other Adobe products at

Overall Focus

For this assignment, I am going to be focusing on my personal brand. This is critical for everyone but especially for myself and the point of my life that I am in. I am almost done with college and I will be looking for a career here soon. This page would be a great tool to display a little more about myself in a more nontraditional way.

Key Audiences

I am trying to target employers who are in the market for new employees for this assignment. Specifically in the public relations and marketing field. I want to show them that I can stand out in a crowd and am different than others. I would be able to reach many people through my Adobe Spark page by sharing it. This is a way that a future employer would be introduced to Adobe Spark and be able to see things in a different way. This tool would also be very useful to a lot of businesses so they too could stand out from others.

Strategic Mindset

The main focus of this is to present myself in a different way from just a common resume. This is also a way for me to be able to tell my story and share my accomplishments and achievements in a unique way that is more interesting and fun to read. This page also opens a door to may opportunities to where I can show a more creative side, other than just words on a paper like you would typically do for a resume.


For this, I have two main objectives. The first is to put myself out there. By creating an Adobe Spark page about myself, future employers would be able to see who I am as well as my achievements. The second objective is to actually show these future employers who I am. Show them that I am more than just words on a paper, yet give them the content they want to see but in a creative and unique way.


One thing I will do to accomplish my objectives is really understand everything Adobe has to offer as well as use what I learn to better my appearance on my page. I want to show the best version of myself. Another thing I will do is to create different pages so that I can tailor them to different audiences. This is critical to do because there are somethings that would be more important to showcase for one job but something completely different to focus on for another job. I would also include samples of my previous work on the page it corresponds to. It is important to showcase your work so that employers can see how exactly you do things and what a finished product could look like.


The main focus of my Adobe Spark page is to set myself apart from others. In a crowd where everyone has similar degrees and experiences, I want to be the one to stand out in how I display these things. I also want to embrace my creative abilities and show employers that it is okay to be different and encourage them to be different also. If you want to learn more about Adobe Spark and what they have to offer, check out the links below!

Twitter: aferrill33

Instagram: aferrill13




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