Artfol: The Great New Art App? by anya bery

Anya Bery | April 28, 2021

A few weeks ago, a new app called Artfol was released to the public on the app store. The goal of Artfol is simple: to give artists a good, reliable social media platform where their art can be more widely viewed without the problems presented by algorithms on sites like Instagram and Twitter. In the art community, this news was huge. Dealing with algorithms, Instagram’s specifically, is a constant, tiring battle for many artists. So hearing that this algorithm could be gone was a huge relief.

So how does Artfol go about being an amazing app for artists? First of all, it is an app made specifically for art, meaning other sorts of posts won’t be getting more attention. Second, it uses a timeline based system instead of one based on interactions. Artfol has several categories: illustration, landscape, fanart, portraits, sketches, character art, and photography. Within these categories, the posts closest to the top are ones that were posted more recently. On a site like Instagram, the top posts would be ones with more likes. The timeline organization can really help people who are just getting started, as it doesn’t rely on you already having followers you know will like your posts.

Like I mentioned earlier, Artfol has lots of categories so you can look for art that you want to see. Also, you can post your art with other art like it. As well as these seven main categories, Artfol also has features for critique and commissions. For critique, you can post your work under a separate tab and ask for specific advice. This is great for if someone is looking to improve or if they just want feedback in general. With commissions, a little icon appears on your profile that says you have commissions open. That makes it easily accessible and artists don’t have to sort through direct messages or emails to find commission asks.

There are so many other features to Artfol, like the Q and A and textpost sections, which are pretty self explanatory. However, the app does have some downsides. Currently, it isn’t open to other types of artists like writers or cosplayers, although they do hope to make that available soon. Second is that it can be a little hard to navigate if you aren’t used to the app yet, but that’s true for almost anything new you get. The people who run Artfol are pretty good about responding to problems as soon as possible, so there aren’t a lot of technical issues and bugs. As far as I’ve gathered, a lot of the issues are related to personal preference.

If you want my opinion, I think that Artfol is pretty amazing. I’ve had it since the day it was released and it makes posting so much easier. If you’re looking into posting art online, I think Artfol is a pretty great place to start.