Are Athletes Overpaid By: RYan Spencer

Did you know Tom Brady gets 36 million dollars every year?

Did you know the average annual salary for a nurse in the U.S. Is $76,000

Did you know our president only gets $400,000 a year and he runs our country, but this year he refused pay.

That is a big problem in our country. In my opinion professional athletes are overpaid. 58.7 million people in the United States are paid by the hour. 1.3 million of those people were paid minimum wage of $7.25 every hour. 1.7 million people get paid below the minimum wage.

The others side to this argument is that professional sports players are sacrificing their body for their, putting in a lot of their time, and putting in a lot of work to get their money. Another reason people say athletes aren't overpaid is that many insurances wont cover many sports players because they will get injured. That means that athletes have to save some money incase they get injured.

But you can still counterattack those statements. Athletes are risking their body, so are firemen, even nurses are risking their health to help the sick, look at the army fighting for our freedom and people who play a game for a living get paid more then all of them. What you need to do to solve this problem is tell your friends to get them on your side and maybe people will take action.

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