Annexing Texas ~1845

Texas was incorporation of 1845 of the republic of Texas into the USA which it was annexed by the USA too and also in 1845 which they also became the 28th state at the time.

until 1836, Texas had been actually apart of mexico but then it changed when a group of settlers who lived there declared independence. Which they won and called the new state re-public of Texas. They were a independent country for 9 years.
Texas didn't want to be apart of Mexico but they wanted to be their own state but the Mexicans warned Texas that if they tried to make Texas a state, they would declare war among them. But after they joined the union they both went to war because of them fighting where the proper border for Texas should actually go. Either the Nuances or the Rio grande.

After that the people of Texas wanted to become a part of the United States, Who they would be under the leadership of the president , Sam Houston. But with strong approval, They signed the legislation which made Texas an American state on December 29, 1845. The politics in the United States issued over whether or not Texas should be admitted as a slave or a free state. In the end it was admitted to the United States as a slave state.

Like it said in the video the Americans wanted to move into mexico but they said yes as long as they followed the rules which are. 1: They must become Mexican citizens. 2: Must become catholic. 3: NO SLAVES at all. But they did not follow all the rules and they broke the most important rule of all NO SLAVES. But the Americans continued to do it so after 7 years of dealing with the Americans the Mexicans got mad and told them to take it very seriously this time because it was a complete NO for slaves and completely banned slaves at all costs. Then they finally listened.

When Texas moved they received no special terms in it's admission to the union. Once Texas actually agreed they don't have a legal option of leaving , either before or even after the civil war.

And in all ,Texas was happy with what the state turned out to be.


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