Outcome 3 retrieval

1. 3 Techniques

  • mnemonic device,
  • self-testing
  • recite and record

2. Experiments

• Mnemonic device: MATH 1080 quiz

There is an upcoming quiz on integration by parts, and there is a generic order to follow when choosing what to use at “u=”. The list is a series of 5 expressions, and in order the first letter of each spell out “ILATE”. I will commit this device to memory within one week, going over it one time a day.

• Self-testing: Physics Exam

Our professor posted old exams dating back to 2007 for practice of exam one. I will do one test a night for 4 nights and evaluate what I did wrong.

• Recite and Record: Chemistry 1020 quiz

For our final quiz in chemistry we knew it would stem from the last 2 pages of notes. The night before the quiz, I will study these notes, then attempt to rewrite them from memory after an hour or so.

3. Data

• Mnemonic Device

Goodness, I feel like I will never want to use the words I and Late in a sentence together again. Going over the mnemonic so many times felt a little like overkill but I knew I had it down concrete by the time the quiz came around.

o I- Inverse trigonometric functions

o L- Logarithmic functions

o A- Algebraic functions

o T- Trigonometric functions

o E- Exponential functions

• Self-Testing

Although time consuming, this strategy made me feel the most confident. I worked through my wrong answers with friends from class and did multiple exams.

• Recite and Record


• Mnemonic Device

I thought this technique was not only helpful but simple. I came up with it the day we were introduced to the material, so by re-writing it each day for homework and classwork I got it down pretty quickly, and felt as though I could not forget it even if I tried. I would use this technique again and would recommend it to others but strictly for smaller objectives.

• Self-Testing

This is my favorite way to review for an exam! I have used this technique in the past but I extended on it by doing more exams and starting earlier. I watched my grades increase with each practice, and when the real exam came around it used a lot of similar quations with different numbers. This technique was most successful for me. It was my firs 100 on an exam ever! Putting in all of that time and effort felt worth while when I received my grade.

• Recite and Record

This was the most difficult technique for me, but it worked a little bit. I remembered key terms better, but tackling the mathematical parts was difficult the first few times. Although my grade came back high and I was satisfied, I would only recommend this technique for classes driven heavily in the conceptual.


I looked back on this outcome after my meeting with Lori McGregor. She and I talked a lot about different study habits and what worked best for me. This outcome showed me how helpful mnemonic devices and self testing can be when repeated over and over. She enlightened me with a very good quote she heard herself that inspired me even more.

I don't study and study again to try to get things right, I study and study again so that it is impossible to get things wrong.
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