The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Emilee Swanson

Walking into the theatre was a true experience. I was one one of the first to make it in and because of that I was sat very close to the stage, maybe three rows up. This made me feel very connected to the play because I was actually in arms reach of the stage. Being so close to where the performance was about to be held gave me a sense as if I was in the play. Seeing the stage and the beautiful props used in the show made me realize how much effort that had gone into making the play as great as it was. When the lights dimmed I immediately became much more excited for the actors to make their entrance. Waiting and trying to imagine when and where they would come out really built up anticipation. The whole auditorium seemed to be filled and everyone there came out to see this show, it was really a special thing. Place has a major part in the good life because in order to thrive I feel you must be comfortable in your surroundings.

Getting ready to enter the theatre.

Going with friends to this performance really made it so much more enjoyable. Sitting there waiting for the play to start with people I knew definitely created a better experience for me. We discussed all different aspects of the play and what we though it was going to be like. During the play I could turn my head and try to see how my friends were reacting when I knew something shocking had just happened. I love to see how people respond to things and how different their response can be from my own. Not only that but we could discuss what happened after the play ended. Shared experiences correlate with friendship and I believe that this is a necessity to having a good life.

One topic that I have a connection to is the idea that family helps family. This play really focused on the struggles of Talbot and his family. Both Talbot's younger brother and mom worked for hours on end in awful conditions just to give their kin a better life. The love of family resonates with me, I believe love is one of the strongest bonds in the world. Love can create a mental happiness and safety net in this world like nothing else. Even though Talbot and his family were going through very hard times, they tried to remain optimistic about their situation. I find this optimism to be so inspiring, finding the good in the bad is such an important quality to have.

Leaving the play

This performance touched on some hard hitting topics that really resonated with me. By discussing rape in the play it has made it easier for me to acknowledge that it happens. Not only this but I feel that it has allowed me to be able to discuss it whereas before I would not even approach the topic. Also, the working conditions shown in this play were terrible, something that no one should ever endure. It is very important to talk about the hard things in life because that is the only way these problems will ever be fixed. Whether it was back in the early twentieth century or today in present time, all of the issues touched on are still prevalent in society today. During the talk back they discussed the prevalence of poverty and how this play accurately showed the struggles of the time.

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