The Divine : A Play For Sarah Bernhardt And my trip to the Constans Theatre

The Spatial Experience

My first trip to the Constans Theatre was an enlightening experience. I had never been much of a theatre person, however I felt like I learned a lot during my trip. The theatre was beautifully constructed, with attention to detail on things like accent lighting and the acoustics in the room. My seat was actually in the first row so I was pretty much touching the stage, which was definitely cool. Being so close to the action during the play enhanced the experience, in my opinion. It kept me interested and felt like I was more involved, as opposed to sitting in the back of a theatre that holds thousands of audience members.

Note: This is not a picture of the actual Constans Theatre, just an example theatre

The Social Experience

The Constans Theatre is home to many diverse plays put on here at the University of Florida.

Unfortunately due to conflicting schedules, I could not attend this play with friends and had to go by myself. However, we all prepared for the play together days in advance. We read the online preview and researched on Canvas what we needed to do before, during, and after the play. Luckily, I met somebody at the theatre that I sat next to and we discussed the plot and what was going on and what things we noticed during the play. I feel that this was very important in aiding my understanding of the play. Also, I feel that sharing experiences is a very important part for all students trying to live the Good Life, as we are humans who learn from experience, so the more experiences shared is the more lessons learned.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Going into the play, I really did not anything about the plot, characters, theme, central message, etc. After watching the play, I noticed that they mentioned the role of religion in society and how dominant it should or should not be. I learned that back in the early 20th century, when this play took place, religion played a much bigger role and that the Archbishop was even allowed to ban citizens from doing things that could possibly be construed as degrading to the religion. Today, however, we are much more lenient and and considerate about religious beliefs, and we practice that every individual has the right to their own beliefs and nobody can infringe upon them. I definitely agree with the way we go about religion today, because each person deserves freedom to think their own thoughts and perform their own actions, and no leader of the church should be able to control that. The play made me appreciate the freedoms we have in today's society in comparison to the freedoms they had about 100 years ago.

This picture represents the Archbishop in the play, who tried to stop Sarah Bernhardt from performing

The Emotional Experience

I feel that The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provided us with an opportunity for "katharsis" by giving us a look at what times were really like just one century ago. The lack of separation of church and state, the families' struggle of living in poverty, the hazardous, unfair work conditions they were forced into, and many more tough living conditions that these people put up with on a daily basis. This play allowed me to take a look into what it was really like back in those days; and instead of just imagining it in my head I was able to see it with my own two eyes, which really made the connection for me.

This picture represents an example of a dangerous factory in which Talbot's family had to work in order to earn enough money to make a living


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